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Join a week long Tantric retreat and manifest and celebrate together over new year!
Facilitation: Estera Saraswati with Team


Crystallize your dreams and desires and activate them in your heart and body through orgasmic energy!
Take part in New Year Tantric retreat of Dreams Manifestation deriving from the ancient temple arts and enriched by Tantric wisdom. Thanks to temple arts rituals, we will activate our sexual energy as fuel to manifest our dreams, using our dormant power to saturate our vision with clarity on this beautiful land.

Join an extraordinary New Year’s Eve celebration to make 2019 a magical year for you, time of making your dreams come true and manifesting your deep desires.

Dreams Manifestation is a embodied spiritual practice that uses sexual and emotional energy to manifest tangible effects in the material world. It has a long history back times, it can be found in different forms in an ancient temple arts (like in the cult of Isis and Ishtar), the pagan rites of fertility, in a tradition of the Great Wicca Rite and Hindu Tantric tradition. These practices were secret because of the possibility of their misuse.  Therefore it is always guided by intention of taking care of the highest good of all beings, thus avoiding potential misusing of this powerful method.

Combining pure intention and directed orgasmic energy, we can achieve any goal and create a reality we dream of. Activated sexual energy acts as a rocket fuel, firing us into a world of fulfilled dreams and desires. Sexual energy is the greatest creative force in the universe. It creates a new life. The intensity and passion that is generated by the inner polarity of masculine and feminine energy is the basis for this practice.

What is a TANTRIC Dreams Manifestation?

We will learn to maintain a high level of bliss in a body through a circulation of energy and breath. It is a heart opening experience that deepens the ability of intimacy with another person. Tantra combines all three levels: sexuality, heart and consciousness that brings us into ecstasy, expansion and freedom. Tantric manifestation in contrast to the practice of sexual magic is aimed at the welfare and liberation of all beings, including ourselves.

Preparation process:

I. Tempe Arts bodywork sessions activating more fire and power to manifest

We need our life force to be activated and full of power as well as our sexuality free in order to have fuel for manifesting deepest desires efficiently. We will be activating our sacred fire through ritual bodywork rooted in matriarchy times 8000 years ago when sexual energy was regarded as sacred power of universe opening the gates to higher states of consciousness and worshiped accordingly. Thus the sacred sexuality temples were positioned in the middle of community heart. We are following the same worlview and inviting you to the Temple.

Tempel arts sessions regarding:

  • activating fiery power of feminine
  • activating masculine power
  • opening heart fulfilled with sexual energy
II. Tantric rituals cultivating intimacy

You will have possibility to experience and learn a range of meditations that will enable to establish connections on diffrent level that is more universal than according to personal preferences. To see divine spark in each being, vulnarability, power and softness at the same time, it is opening a new dimension to be in the world. You can be part of antient rituals celebrating divinity of a body as a sacred temple.

III. Vision

We can unsconsciously sabotage our deepest dreams and desires by doubts, fears and lack of faith. Searching for vision in a primal, clean nature can support us in reaching deeper layers of our dream. Thanks to connecting with deeper layers within, true longings can emerge. This vision is to be anchored in our heart, consciousness and power of a body. Purity of vision comes out of heart intention to serve highest benefit of all sentient beings.

What can you expect?

  • Warm welcome and belonging to vital tribe of sexual spiritual beings
  • Rising up your vibration, stepping into space of joy, trust and safety
  • Tantric intimacy and sacred sexuality – rituals, meditations, contemporary pujas and practices
  • Invitation an possibility to wake up to your ecstatic fire, activating soft sexual energy, awakening the power of life within.
  • Opening pathways of pleasure which will enable a freer flow of energy in a body that will give you a sense of inner harmony and freedom.
  • New ways to connect with people on diffrent level of intimacy evoking bliss and universal love
  • Love Temple – guided and held in a sacred way, where you can experience diffrent levels of intimacy according to your own need and desires, evenings exploring diffrent textures of sensuality and eroticism that you can choose which is appealing to you and attend the ones of your choice
  • Magical Tantric Ritual of Dreams Manifestation, a blend of ancient temple and tantric arts in a modern form.

Additional Information

  • This retreat is suitable for both singles and couples. Couples can work only together if they wish.
  • You sovereignly decide on the level of your engagement and possible nudity.
  • You are supported to follow your individual comfort without any pressure. You do not have to do anything that you do not want.
  • Core values are safety, ease, grace, beauty and mutual support.