About Aqua da vida Foundation

Water of Life

Water teaches us of:

  • Space / Emptiness
  • Receptiveness
  • Change and Shapeshifting without loosing the essence
  • Giving and Sustaining life
  • Perseverance – “constant dripping wears away a stone”
  • Mild but fierce destructive Power
  • Coexistence and Interconnectedness
  • Celebration and Gratitude
  • Preserving life – fetal waters and hiding treasures in the underworld depth

Water is life. We are fully dependent on it. What’s more, we are water. Our body mostly consists of it. The current geopolitical situation shows that wars are often fought over water – access to water, free use of water, freedom of expression and life according to one’s intuitions and insights, individual sovereignty.

The earth is drying up. And so are we. Our hearts are becoming cracked like, dry earth without water.

Drought pierces the human soul and psyche. Our bodies are also becoming stiff and dry.

We lose the sense of gratitude, natural flexibility, flowing gracefully on the waves of life. An act of surrender is associated with weakness. Dry fire hollows us like tree trunks from within. We become dogmatic, our minds conceptual, the body and its functions become more and more automated, life is running out of us. We want life to be predictable. We cannot control our fear of the unknown – of life itself. Water control is life control. Life control equals slow death. Civilizations that cannot understand this principle are doomed to vanish. The ego is like fire that burns and destroys our Earth.

The lack of the water element can be seen everywhere – in politics, in suppressed emotions, in the ways in which social structures function, in intimate life and relationships, in accompanying children in their growth, in childbirth practices, in the moment of death

The gentleness and firmness of water are lacking. We lose the ability to express the deep sadness, regret and grief that underlie our human nature. The ground that is not moistened with tears becomes as hard as stone. Sexuality without water becomes full of rush, dry fire and abuse. There is no spaciousness. There is no deep understanding. There is no wisdom.

The project of Aqua da vida Foundation aims to restore awareness of the key role of water for all existence on this planet and in our human life. How we treat water shows it all. The water that flows on the planet and in our bodies is the same water, polluted by the sewage of garbage and artificiality. Currently, what we have managed to master is the art of water pollution, stopping its natural flow and controlling it that leads to drying out. It manifests as civilization diseases, anxiety, confusion and suffering.

As part of the Foundation, we work on recreating a holistic pattern of life that is already designed in water. The envisaged activities range from creating water retention systems, inner development work with emotions and intimacy, to ceremonies and rituals performed on this earth for millennia, celebrating and restoring the sacred dimension of water.

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