Estera Saraswati’s vision is to recreate a holistic imprint of life. It is currently lost from human cosciousness and dethroned by ego ruling and shaping our reality. And put it into life by creating communities based on this blueprint and spreading it within groups and individuals. 

Detached ego is understood as a personality structure based on the past and projections of the future, detached from the present moment, that separates itself from the whole and thus inflicts suffering on itself and the rest of living beings, including earth and all its species. As the effect of its lost connection with reality and lack of ability to surrender to a bigger picture, it needs to manage and control all life which is doomed to failure. Before it realises that, it harms, bringing suffering to itself and all until the edge of self destruction.

This new structure of life is a morphogenic field that can learn from the global field of wisdom and requires individuals who are able to read it and be in tune with it to move with it alongside. It is based on a liquid body of the universe and is flowing through our bodies. 

It shapes a group as a highly intelligent amorphous structure and its members as different organs and parts of one organism. It is run by one consciousness and expressed by duality of existence. It embraces paradoxes and recognises the same nature of it all called suchness, tao, christ consciousness in different traditions.

It is not based on any particular tradition or culture. It recognises the same nature of us all.

Vision’s implementation is aimed to first start within as an outiside reality is a reflection of an inner landscape, individual and collective. Thus we are invited to discover oneself anew in a vast space of non-conceptual, innate wisdom. A facilitated process of self-empowerment by Estera Saraswati is an alchemist transformation of turning a mud into a gold, polishing our diamond nature that opens us to unconditioned freedom and raising up active compassion as the result.

New Earth

New Earth is a state of consciousness based on a recognition of our luminous, spacious nature. It effects in creating life from the place of non-violence, inclusiveness, interconnectedness and loving kindness. Compassion is the main driving principle. It requires wisdom, awareness and experience. It can manifest as a double cutting sword. It eradicates arrogance, ignorance, pride and destructive anger, leaving an open field for the nobles values to self arise.

Practically, a New World starts with free and wild children – inner and outer. Children who are free to explore their potential, feel safe in expressing emotions and natural wildness, feel protected in their innocence and sensitivity. A free child is the seed from which a Green Man can grow. Green people can be determined by their mature, sensitive care, healthy responsibility for the whole, standing for noble values, wise protection and taking action from the heart. Their bodies are free, so their sexuality is an expression of the juiciness and mystery of life. Together, they form a community of the New Earth, driven by loving kindness to all beings and to our planet.


Ths vision is a response from the past and future to the present moment. Estera Saraswati’s experiences in her own personal life of integrated spirituality as well as spiritual practise in Tantric Buddhism and Temple Arts of matriarchy times once, supports visioning and the embodiment of this field. Her compassion-based body of work aims to inspire others to co-create a new culture, bringing a sacred way of living to a daily life, living free from fear, and in a deep connection with our true nature that is luminous spaciousness.

Principles of this field

1. Commitment
2. Active participation. Taking initiative based on MeWe consciousness
3. Courage in shedding skin and letting go of old identity again and again
4. Radical honesty coming from the heart, taking masks away.
5. Loving space that accepts everything, all what we are connected with wisdom of discernment and cutting through quality
6. Intimacy with life and trust.
7. Surrendering to universal love and eros
8. Transparency and respect

Sacred Living

Sacred living is a natural state of all interconnected existance that we have unfortunatelly lost to a big degree. This vision while implemented brings back this natural state to a mind-body consciousness. When we can experience it again, we can not forget it. It is a deep memory in our cells. We just need to awaken the inner compass and make a commitment.

Sacred living is a space of wisdom that manifests itself as a respect to all beings and forms of life – visible and invisible – humans, animals, plants, stones, spirits, Earth… With these beings we joyfully and peacefully co-exist and co-create. We can invite more authenticity, natural fulfillment, beauty and true happiness – nothing of these can be bought. As it can not be replaced effectivelly, we have created a whole culture of ersatz – a fake and poor quality substitutes.

New Earth and Sacred Living

New Earth for me is about discovering sacred living in symbiosis with all forms of life. It demands deep feeling. Vulnerability and innocence are the gateway to it, empowered by masculine force of protection within that can wisely act, set up healthy boundaries that serves growth of all life, not only own separated ego. It demands deep listening, surrendering to not knowing, humbly uncovering life again, desire to be in connection. It is based in this very body. We can not feel deeply the magnificence of existence if our body is locked and filled with traumas and woundings.

It is also essential that our mind is aligned with a higher purpose and order to serve all life, to offer oneself to be available for the mystery. It requires self discipline of planning less, making free space in a calendar, heart and mind. It is a warrior path. As to live and be able to love in present times, we need to be warriors. Courageous to open heart again and again after being hurt, trusting again, not giving up, falling and standing up, trusting in human kindness and goodness of everything even when it is so dark around and within that light can not go though. We are the warriors in discovery of a gentle power, learning to act and protect the innocence and stand up for the sacred.


Our approach is a simple expression of love and compassion, acting for the benefit of all sentient beings and Earth. Our intention is to bring more freedom, joy and connection into people’s lives and to walk together towards self-liberation from illusions and realising our luminous nature.

Sexual Energy: Masculine and Feminine

We perceive sexual energy as a vital life force and powerful healing agent. It is a sacred, ecstatic gateway to discover our essence beyond the veils of concepts, ignorance and afflicting emotions. We hold sexual energy in the core of all teachings and the body of work we offer, that embraces all aspects of human experience: conscious birth and death, the art of lovemaking, conscious relating, community living, menstruation and menopause, getting older, as well as just stepping into life, and finally spiritual awakening.

We believe that peace, bliss and freedom arise inside and only then can be manifested outside. They come from realisation of inner union of masculine and feminine transpersonal essence that is same for all beings regardless of gender.

Thus, we act towards manifestation of the empowered feminine and masculine within for all genders equally.

We invite to women to respectfully and lovingly embrace their own inner masculine essence that its expression is no longer collectively distorted by harming, social and cultural conditioning, as well as lack of right knowledge. Through this, their feminine can truly flourish, feeling inner safety, stability, discipline, structure, purpose and clarity from their inner masculine. Same for males and men with their own feminine essence. After embracing their femininity – sensuality, sensitivity, intuition, feelings, creativity, non-conceptual wisdom – their masculine can be truly empowered within.

We support reclaiming sacred seeding power of phallus. We support the wisdom gateway of the vagina and womb mysteries. We care about bringing peace, love and respect between genders by realising our inner masculine and feminine essence—regardless of gender—as well as healing inner marriage between them.

Birth and Death

We believe that how we are conceived and welcomed into this world has a significant meaning for our life and all existence. It is also tightly interconnected with how we die: being birthed into other reality.

Sacred Community and Family

Parental experience is strongly influenced by a modern nuclear family concept, creating all sorts of troubles like disconnection of mother and lover archetypes, broken sisterhood between women and brotherhood between men, severe loneliness, painful aging as well as destructive jealousy in love and sexuality. We see creating a new way of communal living as a way of coming back to sacred, peaceful living in a deep connection with nature, within and outside.

Body as Temple and Conscious Healing

We bring education, healing, and inspirations into these areas, working in an integrated way with body, mind, energy and consciousness. Body is approached as a temple: a microcosmic reality through which we can discover macrocosms. By fully and consciously engaging with all senses, we can transcend materialism and bring non-duality approach to our lives. By embracing paradoxes and polarities, we are not caught by any of them but discovering a space of ultimate freedom. We also see body as an accumulation gathered from our past, individually, generationally and collectively. We invite more freedom to our lives by clearing out this unconscious baggage and consciously healing our bodies.

Becoming the Change the World Needs

We act towards all these goals by wisely liberating sexual, life force energy from social and religious conditioning that diminishes our true nature and keep our minds and bodies enslaved. After freeing our powerful life force, we can live a meaningful life with more ease and apply ancient spiritual teachings towards self-liberation. This is how we become the change the world needs.. We can then all facilitate an ongoing collective and personal transition from patriarchy into a new era of caring interconnectedness.

I see patriarchy as a system of control, possession and power over others, body, Earth, based on fear of the unknown. It can be found in every being no matter our gender. Through this work, we step out of a gender war hooked on blaming and guilt. Together, men, women, and all humans, can move towards a bright future for all generations.

Long-term Growth and MeWe Consciousness

This work is about long-term growth, which encourages individual responsibility and a new perspective of one’s place in a larger whole: me-we consciousness.

It requires reliable commitment, sacrifices from the ego, letting go of fixation on our personal preferences and learning to contribute and taking care of the whole. It needs to be organic to be sustainable; this work is not an impressive firework show that our egos can grab for self-satisfaction.

This work seeks to support transformation at the individual pace, where the wellbeing and genuine growth of participants is nurtured.

Sacred living and community is central to this. We are currently exploring, learning and seeding this as a community.

Who are we?

We are an international collective of men and women from different countries, different ages, different life experiences, and different spiritual backgrounds. We’re brought together by the embodied vision and teachings that Estera Saraswati holds and invites us to share, co-create and implement together.

We’re committed to self-growth, spiritual expansion as well as increasing own capacity of a better service to the world. We explore sacred living as a tribe by coming together in varied locations as well as sharing daily living. We are a close family with a common purpose and shared vision. We support each other in growth and dreaming a land to manifest sacred living community. We are in service to the expansion of consciousness and embodying a new vision based on Tantric Buddhist teachings & temple arts.

Feel welcome!

Safely being held by this community, you can lose your old self by embracing your wounding, letting go of old beliefs, softening contractions, feeding your inner demons for the purpose of transformation, find your ecstatic nature and finally allow your new self to be revealed that is based on new understanding of reality and what we are.

Welcome, you are accepted as you are into this family of caring, loving, vital human beings.

Estera Saraswati and Team of Sacred Living

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