Starting from scratch?

Lately I was sharing about my transition and the need for sustainable, quiet and deep growth, which I want to support, instead of fire works expectations brought within one week retreats. Thus, I have been slowly completing this year with offering single retreats in favour of unleashing sacred art, building a sacred living community and a long term spiritual and personal growth where sacred activism, responsible interconnected living, compassion are foundations. There are two last key retreats coming within next ten months as a download of these qualities. First, a “New man” retreat initially planned for men only and a second retreat for women only, held under the esoteric name of “Lemurian Priestess Rainbow Dakini”.

Yet lately, a new insight hit me. What is really crucial now, is to come out of our confused, messy, arrogant life as humanity that is at the edge of extinction. You can see here some sobering images of our impact on the world. Though new world can be only born if we, as men and women, do it together.

In order to manifest it, women need to reclaim their healthy masculine and men their healthy feminine instead of projecting it into each other. And we even should support and learn from each other sharing these journeys, forgetting the patriarchal gender war. I have seen men in Sweden, where I have been living for the last year, coming together and being vulnerable with each other. I admire how their mature masculine was trying to embrace sometimes wounded and broken feminine within, sharing in a tender yet powerful way about ups and downs of their daily, challenging life. I could have also seen some conscious Swedish women how they were finding a way to stand up for themselves, stating what they want and taking care of a healthy balance at their homes or work place. I have witnessed masculine rising up in them and also gradually giving men more right to be in their feminine. Maybe it still needs time to get more mature and refined, yet important steps were made towards embracing sacred union of masculine and feminine within. Art, especially music, enjoying gentle nature, community spirit, healing together – this is what I have been experiencing flowering and wanting to raise more in Sweden. I am not surprised that Greta Thunberg, the face of engaged, caring, young, radical activism for our common, green future, is Swedish. For me she represents the new masculine, a Green Warrior.

New Man

When I was writing about my vision of a New Man (you can read more here), I had men in my mind, especially Swedish ones.  Unexpectedly many women started to ask about this retreat. There was a visible push of women demanding to join. My trickster, connected with crazy wisdom, asked why not? Yes! Let’s open this masculine empowerment retreat for women as well. Let’s stop this artificial gender separation based upon prejudices what men and women should do and shouldn’t. We desperately need new masculine to land within us all, men and women alike. It is a call for brotherhood of mankind. Standing arm to arm, heart to heart, belly to belly, we can change this world together. Starting point lies within. Inner peace, inner freedom, compassion and kindness is something that can not be acquired from outside and can not be really taken away. My intention is to ignite the sparks of compassion that leads to joyful actions embraced by community spirit, as maybe community is a new Buddha who we wait for, as Thich Nhat Hanh said once. I truly believe in this. In this sense, an era of single gurus and disempowered followers can be seen as over. Though, we do need Three Jewels to coexist and be acknowledged with the same force and significance – teachings, teacher(s) and community. We can establish a new blueprint on this once amazing planet with a graceful interweaving of wise guides, teachings of wisdom and groups of committed people. We can stop the wheel of self destruction driven by ignorance, arrogance, prideful self-sufficiency and hatred born out of hidden suffering. We are calling in a carrying, protective and connected Green Man as well as a bold, awakened Shamballa Warrior archetype to descend, be embodied as the holders for new generations to come.

Women, take your balls back. Empower your feminine

For us women, it is time to stop projecting masculine onto men as it often leads to “metoo” campaigns and disempowerment of our feminine, to say provocatively. We can take care of our wounds of rejection, betrayal, abandonment by owning our co-creation and input into creating it, as well as holding a stable presence to let them be seen and healed within. We can learn to state our boundaries and execute them clearly without letting indulgence and moments of dormant fogginess to cause self abuse. Learning to recognise confusion within and pausing any action also contributes to the growth of our masculine. Finding noble values we want to stand up for, learning to live by these standards, stop belittling oneself and others, questioning motives within, stalking own shadow, polishing and growing our own potential, asking for support, going for what we truly desire, acknowledging our lust and directing it to our hearts, these are all things we can do to own our masculine and stop blaming and expecting men to deliver what is missing in our lives. Paradoxically our feminine will be empowered when we decide to step into mature masculine within. We will feel safe, seen, self recognised and acknowledged. We will know more of who we are. Our feminine will be able to relax and start to flow as there is an open, inner eye that is watching for our safety, caring and taking action when it is needed. If our feminine does not flow, it is difficult to express freely our sacred slut who loves pleasure and can surrender to her own juice, it is a vivid sign and a call for our masculine to be strengthened.

Men, soften your power by vulnerable innocence. Empower your masculine

The second retreat, my last one in this life chapter, was initially dedicated to women as a part of the project called Reclaiming Priesteshood, aiming to bring ancient wisdom back. Surprisingly, it could not really land in my calendar while I was tuning into the right date for this transmission. We were postponing it three times within the last year and a half. The core of it is to reclaim and empower vulnerability, innocence, art of healing, and the soft sweetness of heart of ancient continent Mu (Lemuria).

Last week another insight hit me again. We need to open this retreat to men! I can no longer support this unhealthy gender pattern of women being soft and vulnerable and men being strong and providing. It has been leading us to co-dependent relationships. They were usually beautifully starting with a bubble of romantic love that sooner or later was degenerating into full on drama of jealousy, neediness, avoidance, resentment and hurts.  Men, who are disconnected from the feminine within, will project it and seek it with women. They will look outside for juiciness, creativity, aliveness, craziness, affection and beauty, thus denying that it resides within them, and maybe more diligence is needed to make it awake.

Being sensitive in a modern world is often a curse, no matter the gender. We are eradicated from our fragility and delicacy in the early stages of so called education. I say “so called” as modern education systems look for me more like a circus training to be obedient, dumb consumers than any sort of an education of some sort to be unique, kind, loving humans. Our surroundings usually are designed to destroy this part of us. Often older generations and establishment are great prison guards, to not let be touched in their sore, armoured hearts, protecting the brutal status quo of life of emotional detachment and dry performance. I highly recommend to watch this documentary, an eye opener, called Schooling the World.

We need power and protection within to be sensitive, deeply feeling and innocent in the world. Instead of a threat, it could be a gift of a soft, tender, loving heart that is mature and irresistible. It is the wisdom of innocence. We can not rise up compassion and take right action for the benefit of us all, if we are afraid to feel and are unable to express our emotions wisely. By opening to the soft feminine within, we empower the masculine as we start to feel and learn to adjust our power in order to create opening and break through, instead of hurt and contraction by inadequate use of power.

Welcome everyone into this joined adventure. It feels thrilling and exciting to be part of building a new imprint for the New Earth. We can do it! Together     

You can look for more descriptions and details here. Registrations are open. Welcome to join

New Man masculine empowerment retreat for men and women, Sweden 11- 18 August 2019

Wisdom of Innocence feminine empowerment retreat for women and men, Hawaii 21 – 27 March 2020

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