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Phoenix Awakening

A week long deeply transformative retreat of sexual healing and awakening through Temple Arts & Tantra

Facilitated by Estera Saraswati with Team

Opening and directing your sexual flow towards loving heart, you activate power of Phoenix, supporting you on the path to share your gifts with the world. Sexual energy is a valuable asset awakening us to the fullness of life

Join a week long new edition of this popular international retreat that creates an opportunity to heal and clear your body from stored traumas, fears, guilt, shame and any other blockages from your past as well as ancestors’ and collective memory. It is designed to awaken your heart though flow of sexual energy to live your life from your core according to your gifts and who you really are beyond social masks and conditioning. You will connect with your orgasmic nature that radiates truth and is a sacred language of communication with yourself, other people and whole universe.

Come activate your sexual energy and connect with your heart. Let it become your biggest resource!

We approach sexual energy gradually with respect and loving softness, though creating a big vessel for a lot of energy to flow though you to the universe and back. It is time to bring tangible changes that skillful opening of sexual flow can provide and influence all areas of life – deepening relationships and intimate life, unhesitatingly taking right actions, passionately create, opening to abundance of money and good sex love as well as being in service to the universe with your gifts.

Sexual energy is a secret key to all areas of our life

Sexual energy is a life force within each of us no matter of age, race or look, that is an engine of all creation. In its essence it is a polarisation between masculine and feminine principle inside of us. When it is active our eyes shine and we have a lot of enthusiasm and vitality for life. New ideas and projects flow through us constantly.

Other aspect of sexual energy is an intimate dimension of communication. Through it, we communicate with other people in non verbal way beyond our usual chater of mind. We can access magic. Even if we are not conscious, we transfer a lot of information through an intimate interaction. If we do it consciously, than we can access sphere of sacrum.

Sacred dimension of sexual energy is a gateway to a world beyond imagination or concepts. Thanks to it, we can transcend a usually busy, chattering mind. It is experiental and can not be really explained with words besides maybe language of poetry.

Next aspect of sexual energy is generating abundance. Our capacity of experiencing pleasure and receiving money is directly linked. Our vessel is receiving energy, can store it, transform and exchange. Everything is energy. Though if we open vessel for sexual flow, we can deal with bigger inflow. And money is an energy as well.

Sexual energy creates also our attitude to world. When we have a good connection with it and it flows effortlessly upwards, it opens all our energy centeres. Significantly it increases our trust to people and life itself, unbonded and self arising joy of a daily life, power of expression who we are, connection with others, sense of safety – we have more clarity and power to state clearly our boundaries and execute them.

And least but not last, sexual energy is the most powerful healing power. When activated in a right way in a sacred container it becomes a strong catalyst of transformation. Contracted places blocking our life force and storing past memories of individual, ancestors and collective past open and are healed due to a directed flow of it. When it is finally anchored in a heart space, it creates a visible change in a life.

Unique approach to sexual healing

Combing contemporary sexual bodywork with matriarchal temple arts ritualistic approach is a unique feature of this retreat. In ancient matriarchy times, 5.000-8.000 years ago, temples conducted by women had flourished. Temple priestesses used sexual energy to heal, to release and cleanse, to activate self recovery forces and initiate people into spiritual realm. Temples were in the center of villages, respected by whole community. Sexual energy was recognized and worshiped as most sacred universal force. This contemporary retreat is directly connected with the spirit of antient temple rites.
Sacral and secular approach together give an amazing outcomes of a deeply transformative journey into a body cellular memory back in time to heal whatever is still stored in a body. The effects are quite fast and tangible. Sacred space of a temple during this retreat invites a real transformation to happen, more than therapeutic change of personality. Every demonstration and session is supported by clear instructions and guidelines as well as spiritual teachings giving broader context to sexual healing from therapeutic, shamanic and tantric perspective. Demos in the middle of a circle given by a teacher are not merely instructions but mainly a strong energy transmissions.

All processes are based in mindful awareness. Personal boundaries are respected, challenges accompanied by loving kindness, communication is direct, expanding consciuosness and love capasity is our guide. We want to know what we are doing, why and what for as well as what really has happened during sessions or practices to make conscious choices and expand. Due to it, you can grow faster and safely without post-workshop yo-yo effect.

  • attention to expand heart capacity to be the vessel for sexual energy, staying with inquiry “how I can contribute to the better world I want to live in”, rather than just activating sexual energy without readiness of the heart, resulting in strenghten self-centered life
  • community approach – from “me” to “we”
  • soft, gradual approach to activation of hot energy and though going much deeper
  • marrying sexual fire with water element results in nurishing and wide, stable opening alchemist quality of fire rather than fast and drying up explosition
  • celebration time of our sexual nature in the sacred community

Sexuality: healing – activation – celebration

Body stores all the memories that can be not accesible for a cosciousness, also woundings and traumas. That’s why one can consciously want to experience pleasure but yoni is dry and closed or lingam is not erected or one experiences fast ejaculation. We will be gradually and respectfully coming closer to some mysteries that our bodies store to let go of past that doesn’t serve us anymore and open to new, bright possibilities.

We will cleanse blockages that unable us to open our heart truely, celebrate body temple and experience sexuality in an ecstatic way. We will activate the hidden power of sexual energy that will saturate daily life with more love, mature power and freedom. We will learn to celebrate and enjoy a deeper contact with own’s body and pleasure deriving from it. In effect, we will be able to consciously manage and direct our vital life force, harvesting joy and power.

What can you experience during this retreat?

All sessions and rituals are unique and directly tailored in a spacious, deep and safe container. You will be guided through them. Healing happens on personal and transpersonal level at the same time.

  • firstly creating a safe, sacred container for yourself – getting to know your needs, boundaries and being able to clearly communicate it as a basic fundament for such work
  • releasing body and sexuality out of fear, shame, guilt, anger, traumas and abuses of own past as well as ancestors and collective
  • celebrating body temple and naked body of all shapes
  • learning to own your sexual energy
  • clearing resentments between men and women
  • reconnecting sexuality and heart, spirit and sexual energy
  • releasing gathered past woundings and blockages from intimate places
  • yoni and lingam pujas – deep reconnecting and celebration of their sacredness
  • multiorgasmic waves for men and women to activate feminine essence
  • activating mature feminine and masculine inside
  • connecting with your heart path
  • mature power reclamation in service to the whole
  • clearing fear of abandonment, rejection, scarcity, mistrust, unsafety, existential issues
  • full body energy orgasm

Facilitator with Team will look after safe and sacred healing space in a group. Sessions and practices are solo, in pairs, small pods and whole group according to personal boundaries. You will be supported in following your intuition and inner guidance as well as consciousness WITHOUT ANY PEAR PRESSURE. You will be guided through this process in order to strengthen your SELF-RESPONSABILITY and SELF-EMPOWERMENT.

There is nudity on this retreat. Sex is not a part of program. Sarong is a basic outfit.

This retreat is suitable for all people, single or coupled of any orientation, motived to make a tangible change in their lives thanks to sexual life force activation as well as for sacred sexuality seekers.


This retreat connects sexual body work with temple arts sexual healing and rituals of sacred sexuality.

Sexual bodywork, temple arts rituals, tantric massage, sacred spot healing, yoni mapping, anus mapping, lingam massage, body dearmouring, ecstatic and trans dance, Osho dynamic meditation and other.

Important information – Who is this retreat suitable for?

The aim of this retreat is healing and personal development through activation of own sexual energy, not to improve relationships or explore sexuality.

It is a sexual healing retreat where we work with powerful energies as well as delicate parts of us and strong woundings. Therefore, after reading a registration form, we will send you a confirmation of registration. In some cases, after an additional short conversation, we can suggest a different suitable retreat or an individual session. We also reserve the right to refuse admission to the retreat, taking care of the good of a participant and a group.

Please make yourself familiar with initial conditions of participation, presented in a separate paragraph and please make a fair self-assessment of whether this is the right retreat for you now. If you have some doubts, we are here to help you.

The retreat is suitable for both singles and couples, regardless of sexual orientation. Life couples can work only with themselves if it is their choice.

The retreat is suitable for people without experience in sexual healing as well as for those who have such experience.

There is nudity and intimate touch on this retreat, within individually set boundaries and participants’ choices at every moment.

There is no sexual exchange during the classes.

Being authentic in connection with the whole group is the most important value. You decide about your level of commitment. At any time you can interrupt or slow down your process and to move at your own pace. You do not have to do anything you do not want. We support you in following own deep choices.

We will contact you soon. After accepting the application for the retreat, further steps of the Registration Process will be sent by e-mail, including the signing of the Participation Agreement as well as the terms and conditions of payments.

Prerequisite for this retreat

  • A stable personality (ego) structure that allows taking responsibility for the nature of your experiences and decisions.
  • Lack of mental illness (bipolar disorder, borderline disorder, depression, schizophrenia, etc.)
  • No addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex, pornography.
  • People addicted or suffering from mental illness or depression who would like to heal it, we invite you first for individual session.

Acceptance of participation based on a fulfilled registration form

Important, please read

For the sake of all participants and group process, each application will be examined and checked first if a given motivation and information fits into the curriculum of this retreat. We do our best that this retreat can meet needs of participants. In some cases, after reading a completed registration form and sometimes having an additional short call, we can suggest different retreat or an individual session first. We also reserve the right to refuse admission based on our best knowledge of the content of this retreat.

Further steps of the Registration Process will be sent by e-mail, including participation agreement as well as the terms of payments.

Organisation Information

Start of the retreat is on the first day in the evening around 5 – 6 pm. Retreat ends with lunch the last day around 2 pm.

Language: English and Polish (simultaneous translation)

Retreat price includes vegan food and accommodation.

Registration via the registration form (in the Detail box on this page). After registration and acceptance of participation, further registration steps will be sent (participation agreement, deposit payment, refund policy etc.)

Registration is closed two weeks before a start of the retreat.

All details available with organisers (contact in the Detail box on this page)

Testimonials from previous participants

“If you are looking for a path, this workshop is a highway.” Jack

“The Phoenix Rising retreat was that what I hoped for and more. The group of people where amazing and I felt very save in the hands. By meeting the suppressed parts of me (demons) and bringing them to my heart there was strangely enough a lot of love involved. As in fact, my darker parts couldn’t wait making the jump to this place where communicating from the heart, expressing my deepest wishes and longing is much more easy. I can see there’s more to be done and at the same time, while serving, I could see there is already a part that knows, react in a totally intuitive way. The beauty is that I know this intuitive way of acting is creative beyond limitations. It’s such a joy connecting with this part of me again. Never totally gone but stuck in a lot of situations. (especially with love making and speaking my truth) Looking forward to dive deep into this beautiful and inner world that it was presented to me! Namaste!” Arjan

“Many thanks for all the knowledge that I was able to receive about people, women and men. So far, I’ve only focused on myself, my body, my problems. Now it’s more of me, more for myself and also for others. It’s a great feeling. Joy and bliss. The feeling that the world is beautiful, people are wise and beautiful. It was the strongest workshop in which I participated. I wish that everyone around me experienced what I did.” Zbyszek

“Great workshop facilitated with full respect to personal boundaries of each participant and taking care of our comfort and feeling of safety. It strengthened my confidence in relating to my body and sexuality. Also it showed me better what I couldn’t deal with in my life.” Charles

“My dear, you are waiting for my message. Your heart is ready and yearning, but fears can effectively hold you in your fixed place. At the same time, the world is waiting just for you sentient heart. I learned here to love again, to look into myself more and communicate with love, as well as that devil is not so terrible as he is talked about 😉 or rather she ;-). I was taught on greatness of relationship. I learned that sexual energy is within me, lighting, writhing and dancing. I don’t have to give it away but connect it with my heart. I wish Lilith could embrace Eve, masculine unite with feminine, truth finally feel safe. I learned a lot about myself. I saw clarity and power of my heart. I was reborn as I wished.” Manuela

“After the workshop, I feel that I discovered a part of my heart, which I had suppressed. Completely it changes my approach to the whole world. Even the food tastes different when you are deeply rooted in your body. Thank you for your support, new knowledge, and above all practices that helped me to understand more of who I am and reassured me that I walk the right path.” Natalia

“This workshop was a powerful opportunity for me to get to know myself. It’s difficult for me to open up to other people. I knew it is my responsibility. Eventhough these barriers that are somewhere deep inside me, many of them, are not my fault. It may be stored in my body as a result of my previous incarnations, memories of ancestors or family aspects. This awareness gave me freedom, peace of mind and wisdom that I can deal with my blocks, gradually. The second thing I liked that there was no denial of our shadow, but acceptance and making a great transformation to use its power.” Luke

“This is the road of a new life! This workshop is an excellent possibility to change all black’s and white’s. It is a tool that introduce you deeper into your heart and sexuality. I regained my power, which will allow me to go a new way and have a richer love for myself and others. I learned to live anew. I opened new opportunities for myself that I can easily make them happen.” Daniel