When we’ve been to Ibiza we’ve found a Dragoness lair, or rather she found us, a magical secluded place full of stone eggs of different sizes. A dragoness vagina, birth canal and all these eggs, seeds of new earth… Seating on them and swimming around this hide, the question popped up: What does she eat?

We all knows what dragon eats. The virgins.

So she does. Same but different

She initiates the feminine in men. She lovingly and tenderly penetrates energetically his female virgin thus opening his heart. She strongly but sweetly supports him in his vulnerability and surrender to the essence.

So do I, The Dragoness

There are more of us gradually coming out from our cosy lair as there are more men asking for it, some directly do, some unconsciously but persistently enough. No one will go unsatisfied or hungry… Let the love rock

If you feel the call to be Great Initiatrix, coming fully out of your lair to share your treasures with the world, here we go to Ibiza again! Check our calendar.