Dear man,

We have been walking upon this Earth in so many different forms and disguises. We have also probably met as priestesses in many temples throughout times. Some of these encounters were meaningful. There were times when we worshiped humanity and divinity together in a sexual connection. We pledged to serve higher good and many times we failed to do so, taken by the wind of personal gains and a fear of losses. We have been carrying this heritage of broken sisterhood for a long time, mistrust to each other and betrayal of love. We have proven its legacy throughout varied incarnations.

Maybe those times are over. Maybe it is time to heal.

A priestess likes to glitter like uncatchable reflections of light on the water. She knows exactly what someone needs, she can make the energetic impression that I am the One and only forever. Please do not put me to sleep with her charm. I want to be awakened, even if it gets painful on the way. Do not put me to sleep, to get what you want or to be my pain killer. I want to be alive and pain is part of it.

Though, Dear man, if you want to enjoy our sexual connection, you do not need to seduce me for it anymore. Your masculine straight forwardness and clarity of what you really want is welcome. I know you are conditioned and proven right that it is not. Though you can make a different choice now.

Do you still want to fog your desire and put my masculine mind a sleep? Or do you want to step into your open power, straight from your phallus connected with your heart? Maybe it is better to go to bed hungry many times, than to achieve your goal by using twisted measures and crossing your fingers in the hope it will still work the next day without additional complications when the spell is over?

Do not use the power of your sexual magnetism to achieve your personal goals, my dear sister priestess in a male body. Do not manipulate with a sacred force. The bill is too high to pay as we both know. A priestess does like to flicker but it will be your masculine which will need to take the consequences when the dawn comes.

If I am in my manipulative priestess mode, please do not get hooked but let me see it and stop me with your sober presence.

I am inviting your masculine, Dear Man, to hold space for your inner priestess to heal the wounds of sexual manipulation and to allow her to grow into the mature feminine power that she is in her essence. Dark abyss is the core of her, where there is nothing to lose and nothing to gain.

So we can relax and surrender to the mystery of our connection, allowing any agendas to fade away.

Do you have any desire? Speak to me about it. Step into your raw masculine. Show it through your eyes. Clean any creepy shadow inside. You do not need to cheat, hide or steel any glances of my curvy flesh any more. You are welcome. Just look straight, with love, respect and lust. Not being driven by it and yet not denying it. If I flash, it is all right. If I want to hide, do not be discouraged. I also need to get used to it and open up to receive having my wishes finally come true. Allow my princess and innocent maiden to grow as well, without you running away.

Let our inner masculine be as brothers, together holding strong presence for our feminine to heal and get mature as sisters.

Are you in fear, do you have any concern, shame? Share it with me. There is nothing more sexy than transparency and truth of the vulnerability of the naked heart.

Are you attracted to another women? Do not hide it. I will know faster about it than you do. But respectfully share your fascination with me, showing your trust and stable presence if I am triggered. Maybe my insecurities come out, confusion, whatever it is, hold on to your truth. Do not be swept away by my emotions. They belong to me and I am responsible for them, not you. Hold your ground with open, compassionate heart.

Do not create secret coalitions behind my back. I will feel it. I do not want to reject you because there is something difficult to share and witness for me.

If you finally connect with me, do not run away afterwards, finding stupid excuses. If you want something, then say clearly what you really want. Do not make unspoken, energetic promises that you are not aware of or not willing to fulfill. My masculine is awakened and sharp, brother. He won’t tolerate anyone to mistreat and cheat on his woman. If you changed your mind, just say it. No games.

I want truth more than anything else. Raw truth from your naked heart. It can be painful but I am not going anywhere.

Even if I fail in my pledge, do not be discouraged or disappointed. I will rise up again to hold to it when I lick my wounds and embrace shame.

I chose love and the way towards inner freedom. I believe that love is freedom.

A woman

February 8, 2019

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