Skype Sessions With Estera Saraswati

A guide will lead you only to a place where has reached oneself

“I am inviting you to step into your full power, go beyond what you believe is possible, ride the dragon of your fears and desires, opening your heart to full living. I am offering you deep and safe container to deconstruct yourself and find yourself anew. Even sky is not a limit. Only your old self can keep you in a golden cage. Have a taste of your real possibilities and make there your new home.”

– Estera Saraswati

What do I offer during on-line session

  • Healing through raising awareness
  • Coaching how to get out of a situation you feel stuck into
  • Finding what really brought you there – understanding deep, unconscious patterns and behaviours
  • Guidance
  • Offering skilful means – how you can proceed
  • Education and learning


  • Tantra – introduction, concept, understanding
  • intimate relationship
  • awakening of feminine power
  • reclaiming masculine power
  • way to empowerment
  • following heart path
  • birth traumas
  • life coaching