Integrated inner sacred union is a resolution to a war. It is a real and the only peace. Peace that embraces both life and death. There is a huge cumulated resentment and wound between men and women created through millennia of wars, cruelty, hatred, rapes and any kind of violence and abuse one can imagine on this planet. Masculine atrocity has been at war with a power of wild wounded feminine within us. Nothing surprising that so few dares to dearmour their bodies and hearts and feel fully. As we open to feeling, all comes in one package, all the delight, pleasure, pain and suffering. Only consciousness, presence, and resting in emptiness can allow one to feel so deeply. Eventually compassion is being born. We can’t live only for own benefit any more. What’s more we see that whatever one does for oneself, one does it for the rest of the world. No need for the Saviour anymore, for the Chosen One. We found the real answer, ceasing to endlessly and vainly combing the ocean waves. Each of us is the resolution and the change that world needs. A new paradigm of sacred living has been creating and unfolding effortlessly then.

Coming back to the union of wilderness and spirituality is embodiment of peace. Let’s claim our wild nature and bring it back with full power to our wild hearts.

The birth of New sentient being, new planet, new vibration.