Becoming a free flow of consciousness instead of clinging to one or few identities. It gives the REAL freedom.

We are used to think of ourselves one or the other way, usually through the prism of role we play in life, aspiration or ambition, even mission. I can easily get identified with being mother, teacher, women, leader, male spirit. The same time I am avoiding some identifications due to several reasons (conditioning or wounding) like daughter, wife, preacher, playgirl. Than being caught in pursuing what I want and avoiding what I dislike, I am trapped in a very narrow tunnel of possibilities. It becomes like an invisible cage.

With ambitions it is the same like with roles. Everyone has some ambition like becoming a good therapist or healer to help people. Thus, we put all our efforts in gathering money for appropriate trainings, finding the right trainers or teachers, travelling, going through learning experience and trying to embody it. We have already put so much energy into gaining new learning experiences itself that we lost joy of the process itself. We also haven’t maybe noticed that we’ve been already helping many beings but in different way we had imagined. It is easy to be trapped in mind frame and loosing freshness of the moment itself.

Resting in natural state itself is the purpose of Tantra path. But what does it mean?

Fundament of Tantra path is initiation and direct transmission. We obtain transmission all the time not being aware of it. Small child, when has been growing up, acquires the energetic multidimensional imprints about everything. All kind of also distorted energies are printed in. Tantric transmission is like a seed of enlightenment that can grow when right circumstances got ripe enough. Not avoiding anything, not running after anything, but resting in the place within that is joy itself without any reason. Feeling fulfilled without any reason. Knowing what the next step is to take without obsessive thinking. This what’s give “Four Pillars of Tantra”, a method created by Estera Saraswati and Zenon D. Dorje.

Than playfulness comes, juiciness comes, right lovers and right business partners come. Everything finds it is own natural place resonating with our highest potential.

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