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Love Free From Fear

This inner shamanic journey allows you to receive into your DNA a new imprint of love free from fear. It changes quality of life if our body stores a information of being fully welcome on Earth with all your gifts as you are, in full trust to life and temple of body, in surrender, remembering why you came here and that life is sacred. It is held within frame of sacred living.  

Background – The body remembers 

The way in which we were conceived and welcomed in the world, significantly affects our ability to receiving and giving love, intimacy and sexuality. Our prenatal and birth experience creates the base for how we experience and feel ourselves, the ability to build intimate relationships and if we live in joy, ease and grace or depression and fear. The quality of coming into the world also affects the quality of being in the body, whether it is a source of security and pleasure or pain and loneliness. Our body remembers all experiences and feelings, also the ones that accompanied us from the moment of conception until birth. On this basis our “comfort zone” is established, that means experiences and emotions in which we feel comfortable, “safe”, and naturally, even if it is violence, abuse and pain. This blueprint in the limbic system of the brain is called the limbic imprint. 

Limbic imprint affects our quality of life, what kind of partners we choose and how we build relationships with people and the surrounding world. It can also cause conflicting feelings and longings. Birth experience can also stop us from realization of own potential. Most difficult experiences are moved away from consciousness stored in the body. 

Estera Saraswati is a natural birth advocate. She gave a two non-assisted, home, lotus births without consulting any doctors from conception until post-partum. Estera’s been also opening the doors for new high vibration beings to come to this dimension as well as giving people opportunity to reborn again in ecstatic process. Thus, she is a birthing vortex and process catalyst herself for any transformation to happen.  

You will be offered a unique opportunity to go consciously through this mystic passage as high vibration sexual spiritual beings with all nourishment and love you need. 


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