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Inner and outer Tantra retreat led by Estera Saraswati

Please find wholeheartedly invited, those of you who resonate with the above photo. We know that in order to protect, care for and build a life based on values, it takes a lot of determination, patience, trust, deep understanding, courage and wisdom of discernment. This retreat will be a spaceous immersion to gain a new perspective and lightly but firmly make some necessary changes. We will get new knowledge and tools that will help to organize and combine seemingly contradictory elements more easily.

Warriors of Compassion

Warriors of compassion are those who consistently and persistently follow the path of life, courageously following noble values. Their mind is dedicated to good of the whole, and their heart beats to a rhythm of the earth. They often jump into unknown space with courage and fear at the same time. They share with their resources generously. Wisdom guides them, as well as sometimes a crazy love for life and all beings. They are not ashamed of their stumbles, shortcomings and mistakes. These are the stages through which they improve and develop compassion. They support others, wanting to leave a meaningful footprint and a better world.


Compassion is different from love. It contains an active quality of discernment, wisdom and understanding that come from experiencing deep, spiritual insight into reality. Often then we make choices that are incomprehensible from a perspective of a self-centered person, which can be seen as acting to our own disadvantage. It is also a double-edged sword, it affects us as well as others, opening us even more to understanding and potent space full of possibilities. In fact, we lose a little to gain a lot. However, only after walking a certain distance, we can see it as a profit.

Path of a warrior

Nowadays, one must be a warrior to follow a path of a heart. It means to subdue and tame inner demons of ignorance, pride, jealousy, ignorance, hatered and other disturbing emotions. It means to distinguish, to listens to space, to cut through what is toxic and still to love – be with an open, unbiased heart.

These are quite difficult, full of challenges times. It’s hard to walk this kind of path alone. It’s time to join forces and find allies.

It is a gradual process to become a warrior. This requires some regular work of polishing your inner diamond as well as a commitment to do it without hesitation.We need a group of supportive friends – a sangha (a group of practitioners of wisdom teachings) – who know similar challenges and share the same values.

Principles of this Experience

  • Empowerment & liberation in a community spirit
  • Kindness & common care
  • Transparency & honesty
  • Respect & non-violence
  • Co-creation
  • Individual & common responsibility 
  • Sovereignty & responsibility 

Modalities of this Experience

The process is based on inner and outer Tantra and is designed to meet the unique group of individuals who attend. Practices and experiences include all levels of body, heart, mind and energy awareness. Their goal is to connect with natural wisdom and our already awakened nature.

Fundamental to all practices: establishing a stable, peaceful mind; opening a powerful space of heart, embodying the masculine and feminine; owning sexual energy and bringing it into the core – the heart;

Everything you are invited to do is voluntary! We create our experiences responsibly in accordance with our own boundaries and needs. You can work together with other people and in/without clothes or otherwise you decide.

Practices and rituals may include:

  • Wisdom Teachings – who is a modern Warrior of Compassion and how to walk this path practically
  • A stabilizing meditation that opens and integrates our luminous mind, a wise heart and a bliss of a body
  • Work with masculine and feminine energy – self-discovery and exploration – how their impurities hinder being a Warrior, and how they can be supportive after a purification
  • Activation and transformation of obstacles into wisdom and responsible power
  • Circles of intimate sharing and honesty that build intimacy and safety
  • Building community

 You are in your personal sovereignty and choice at all times.

Who is this Experience suitable for?

This is for you if your heart, mind and body is longing for:

  • Finding wisdom, aliveness and connection 
  • Bringing your gifts to the world with power for the benefit of all
  • Deep change beyond ego-boosts 
  • Bringing in a new way of being on the Earth – light yet powerful and responsible

It is for men and women of any sexual orientation or age who deeply care about our common future by activating wisdom.

Prerequisites for attending this Experience:

As a next generation retreat, the material is more suited for people who have been exploring this path for some time or are newcomers but feel it in very cells and are ready for a deep and spacious dive. We invite beings who:

  • have a healthy ego structure:
    • ability to take responsibility for their own experience (!),
    • set up and communicate their own boundaries,
    • own and have a basic capacity and skills to work with own projections, shadows and wounding,
    • are receptive to feedback,
  • have healed major traumas allowing them to access emotions and express them, adequately react in a present moment
  • people who are not presently suffering from serious mental illness that inhibits them from connecting with reality around them
  • do not have severe current addictions

Registration and consent

Everyone is responsible for the nature of their own experience and journey. We support everyone to follow their own process gradually without group pressure or expectations.

Please make yourself familiar with the initial participation requirements, and after a fair self-assessment please decide whether it is the right retreat for you. If you have any doubts, please contact Estera at

After completing and sending the application form for the retreat, next steps of the registration process, like the agreement of participation, terms and dates of payments, will be sent by email.After reading a completed registration form and sometimes having an additional short call, we may suggest a preparatory – individual session, or perhaps a more suitable retreat. As a duty of care for participants and the group, we also reserve the right to refuse admission.

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Organisation details

  • Venue: Wrocław – Poland, a rented spacous appartment
  • Date: February 23-26, 2023. It starts at 4pm on Thursday and finishes at 11am on Sunday.
  • Language: Polish & English
  • Price for the retreat: 500 euro till Feb 5. 600 euro after Feb 5. It includes accomodation and food. We will prepare our own food together.
  • All amount payable at registration (non-refundable)
  • Payment and emailing a signed participation agreement guarantees your place at the retreat.
  • Full organizational information (what to take, address, etc.) will be sent after sending payment and agreement. If you don’t see it, please check your Spam box.
  • Registration is closed when there are no more spaces left.
  • All details available/ Contact:
  • Registration: here >>

We welcome everyone to this joined adventure. It’s thrilling and exciting to be part of building an imprint for our planet.

We can do it! Together