Thank you for your trust and willingness to participate in the “WARRIORS OF COMPASSION” retreat with Estera Saraswati.

This registration form is the first stage of your transformational journey. Therefore, please answer all questions mindfully. All information provided here is confidential and for Estera Saraswati only, except for information serving organisation purposes. They will be deleted after a year. Thank you for taking the time to fulfill it thoroughly. We will contact you soon.

With gratitude,
Estera Saraswati 



For the sake of all participants and group process, each application is examined and checked first by Estera Saraswati if a given motivation and information fits into the curriculum of this Experience. In some cases, after reading a completed registration form and sometimes having an additional short call, we can suggest different retreat or an individual session first. We also reserve the right to refuse admission based on our best knowledge of the content of this Experience.

Further steps of the Registration Process will be sent by e-mail, including participation agreement as well as the terms of payments.