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Join a unique Dakini Priestess retreat for women facilitated by Estera Saraswati and Team. Reclaim and strenghten your priestesshood of antient feminine wisdom.

This retreat is a part of Reclaiming Priestesshood project aimed to reconnect with antient female spiritual lineages of wisdom that were flowering through centuries on Earth. Each one is a seperate, complete retreat. It consists of:

  • White Priestess Dakini – praying and manifesting through Art & Beauty, retreat in Bali in March
  • Green Priestess Dakini – reclaiming tribal native traditions, retreat in Sweden in May
  • Red Priestess Dakini – awakening Temple Arts of sacred sexuality, retreat in Turkey in July
  • Rainbow Priestess Dakini – reclaiming Lemuria heritage of cosmic dolphins vibration, retreat in Hawaii in December

Red Priestess Dakini

This retreat is dedicated to Red, awakened Priestess. She is a keeper of sexual mysteries. Her body is an expression of divine and she wisely opens the feminine mysteries though rituals, prayers and love making to all seekers that can surrounder to her with heart. Dancer, belly dancer, snake woman, blood oracle, mistress hidden under the transparent veil… She is a skillful mistres of Temple Arts. Magnetising and alluring, she puts rational mind to sleep, creating a crack that the light can go though, awakening to what is beyond the known reality. Her voice is also one of her gateways, expressing her sacred juice and giving a teaser of what is behind the veil. Her body movements creates a sacred space when the divine feminine can be recognised and revered. Her element is pure fire dancing in the vast space.

Background of Reclaiming Priestesshood project

Feminine power has been awakening. Women start to claim back their wisdom heritage that was waiting dormant in nature, power places and female bodies to be received. Antient feminine knowledge from diffrent traditions has been flowing in our blood and cells for centuries. It was not save until recently to open to its depths, especially publicly. The time has come that we as women together start shining – sharing, spreading and emboding these teachings. We have been walking on this Earth so many lifetimes in so many spiritual traditions… native tribes, mistic religions, other civilisations

During patriarchy masculine spiritual paths were promoted and were having enough space to flourish. It is an important input of developing consciousness into our collective that needs also to be acknowledged. It introduced us to our eternal nature that is not moved or shaken by outer circumstances. It has been giving us an access to stable mind, clarity, presence and expansion of consciousness.

Three Main Characteristics Of Feminine Spiritual Paths


It is time to bring back with full power feminine spiritual lineages that bring so important missing link to the spiritual paths – embodiment, non conceptual wisdom and connection. These paths have been coming from very diffrent traditions – shamanic, buddhist, mistic, goddess culture, pagan, lemurian, temple arts etc. What they share is that they include energy expression – song, chant, dance, connection with nature and elements, sexual energy and BODY. Sences and energy are the gateway to enlightened states of mind and being. Sensuality and sexuality are a sacred channel to the divine within. Sexuality is understood through a wider frame as an act of sacred creation. It can be experienced alone in nature, during ritual or prayer as well as with other beings.

About Reclaiming Priestesshood retreats

These retreats are designed to bring back enlightened feminine traditions and lineages back to collective consciousness. The vessel for these retreats is very vast and spacious. It can include many traditions that you will bring with you. Each of us have walked many paths through lifetimes and now you can give a uniques synthesis to them through you. You will have opportunity to face and transform obstacles that hold you back to fully reveal to the world who you are. Part of the training is dedicated to cleansing, healing and activating you as an vessel and the other part to step into your full priestess power. You will have space to offer rituals that will come thorough you to the retreat group. Prepare yourself to receive a new medicine and polish the diamond that you already are.

It is time to step out and claim our feminine heritage!

We have full support of invisible beings and evolutionary forces to reclaim our Priestesshood and bring completness to spiritual paths on this planet, synthesising it with masculine principles.

Priestesses are sexual shamans, healers and medicine women of diffrent times through history and geography. They know the mysteries of sexual energy and healing through this powerful gate, though they can approach it difrrently according to particular tradition or lineage. They know that their body is sacred, their yonis are holy temples, their hearts are transmitors of new world. They embody the spirit consciously, being a channel and a bridge between worlds, realities and dimensions. Their coming back is essential to our discontected civilisation to stand up from the knees as they bring the vital medicine to heal hearts in despair, bodies in contraction and self-hatred, confused minds and detached souls.

Come and join the circle of other priestesses ready to stand up for truth, love and peace. Let’s fully embody what we experience as divine, ready to share it with the world in more open, courageous and powerful way. We need to strenghten ourselves and have our back and our wombs that we can do it in alliance with our sisters, not to be shamed again for who we are. It is not easy to be a pioneer or the one that stands out of a crowd. We need each other to celebrate, support and co-create!

These powerful retreats are designed to strenghten us, reconnect with our powers and lineages of feminine wisdom, find alliance with sisters – priestesses, clean what is still to be cleaned. It is a journey of initiation.

There is also developing and maintance phase when we will create a supportive groups that stay in contact through a year. It is an organic movement and this space is open for co-creatation in future in diffrent locations in subgroups.

Different Aspects of Priestesshood

White Priestess Dakini (Art & Beauty) – praying and changing reality through an act of consciouss creation. Grace, beauty and art are essential in this process. She is connected through more subtle energies to express compassion. She can be connected to Goddesses like Kwan Yin, Sarasvati, White Tara.

Green Priestess Dakini (Native Tribal Priestess) – expressing connection to native, pagan, shamanic traditions. Drumming, chanting, dancing, praying, creating rituals when she transmits wisdom of diffrent Devas, visible and invisible spirits of nature, elements. Nature is her altar. She makes love with Earth whose waters are her sacred liquids, her blood is powerful medicine that she gives back to the Earth reconecting and healing, animals are her friends and plants offer her their secret medicine.

Red Priestess Dakini (Temple Arts Priestess) – expressing connection to Temple Arts and Goddesses like Isthar, Isis, when she creates sacred space for rituals using sences and body as a direct gateway to the divine. Temple is her home. Sacred fire in her body is a powerful agent of transmutation. She knows the deep meaning of saying: Pray your sex, sex your prayers. Sexuality and spirituality is one for her. She knows the power of sacred, intimate touch that she can open any door with it. Dancer, belly dancer, snake woman, blood oracle, mistress hidden under the transparent veil, she discloses mysteries to the brave, ready souls of seekers that are ready to enter the mistic gateways of yoniverse.

Rainbow Priestess Dakini (Lemurian Priestess) – expressing connection to other civilisations based on higher vibration of love. She loves many, her heart is spacious and intimate like sky. She feels at home with etheric, subtle realms of pure beauty. She could be discribed as angelic or elfic, yet her body is her temple. Lemuria, continent Mu, is her home. She knows the power of soft feminine and patience that can pervade any walls of closed hearts. Creating sacred spaces based on beauty and art wherever she appears is her medicine. Her voice is like sweet nectar, she loves singing, chanting, spiriling, dancing on the wind by the waterfalls or cliffs. Fying and skydancing is her expression. Creating beauty is her prayer.

Who is this retreat suitable for?

We will go though deep and intense journey together of identifying, polishing and claiming your gift to the world. Creating sisterhood will strenghten the container of support and sacred womb that will give birth to us. Connecting with antient traditions will give us protection and bigger than personal power to have a voice in the world. You will be given opportunity to be recognised in your priestesshood. You can expect a lot of learning, experiencing, and playing in this powerful laboratory of sacred temple.

  • healing and cleansing
  • embodied practices
  • learning
  • connection with the divine and sisters
  • celebrating you, a Priestess

What kind of activities or modalities can you experience?

  • creating and activating temples spaces
  • rituals in power places in nature
  • rediscovering antient temples and rituals together
  • self initiations
  • sisterhood circles
  • power walks
  • vision quests
  • ceremonies
  • pujas (yoni and lingam)
  • dance, chanting, singing, drumming


Please prepare for the retreat.

  1. Before the retreat, please do vision quests in nature alone and mediatate on your medicine (unique gift). Find out what could be the next step to allow it to unfold it even more. Journal your dreams and insights.
  2. Find out which tradition, spiritual lineages, divine expressions are close to your heart. Please do some historical and spiritual research that you can find kind of your “lineage”. Tapping into continously lasting, old spiritual tradition empowers your actions significantly.
  3. Bring your sacred objects, drums, feathers, sage, essential oils, crystals, dresses – allowing you to perform rituals and bring your full power in.

Estera Saraswati’s retreat guidelines

  • You are supported to go with your own speed respecting your deepest guidance and personal boundaries.
  • You don’t need to do anything and follow anybody except your own truth.
  • Priority is you feeling safe, relaxed and authentic. Retreat space is a safe space to express anything that wants to be expressed
  • One of the core values is non judgmental loving presence making space for all non violent diversities of behaviours, feelings, outlooks etc
  • Stepping into the field of authenticity, self-empowernment, faithfulness to own’s truth with respect to other sisters
  • You don’t need to wear any spiritual masks or meet any expectations
  • Safety, confidentiality, authentic expression, respect and trust are the core values

Organisation details

  • Date:  23 – 28 July 2018
  • Location:  Turkey, Endes, venue in beautiful nature near Edremit (20 min to Aegean Sea and 1h flight to Stanbul)
  • Price  (including accomodation and vegeterian food):
    • For Turkish (locals): special price, please ask Murad
    • For international: Foundational (first 10 people) 950 euro – Early bird till May23rd 1050 euro – Regular 1150 euro
    • Repeaters: 700 euro