Written and published on April 20, 2019

I would like to share with you the changes that have matured in me that I see as being the expression of a larger whole.

This year is the last one when I offer single retreats in rented locations. What I really want to support is a long-term growth, which encourages individual responsibility and a new perspective of one’s  place in a larger whole, me-we consciousness.

I noticed that when we come to the retreat, we often have high expectations that create a kind of client-supplier relationship that is far from the vision of personal and spiritual development that I want to support. A kind of spiritual materialism, where our ego consumes and feeds on our every achievement, even spiritual, to feel special, thus deepening already existing separation from the whole. This separatism, belief in own separate existence, colloquially called the ego, is the cause of our suffering and suffering of the Earth and its beings.

Another situation occurs when we come to a workshop actually unprepared and not ready to change our lives. We come out of curiosity, which does not give the opportunity for a deep work that I am interested in.

Growth requires reliable commitment, sacrifices from our ego, letting go of our personal preferences and learning to contribute and taking care of the whole. It needs to be organic to be sustainable, not an impressive piece of fireworks that our egos can grab for a self-satisfaction.

I also see that leaving a laboratory, which is a week long and in-depth retreat, we often have to go back to difficult and insensitive reality, which is far from the retreat space. My sense of responsibility and concern for the well-being of the participants wants to create better conditions for such a deep immersion in oneself.

It goes hand in hand with my search and a deep desire to settle down on the piece of Earth I could belong to and love it fully. I left Poland with my family in April 2016. Since that time I have been following the world listening to the call, where I can be helpful to activate and support the development of the feminine essence. These searches led me to Portugal, Ibiza, India, Bali and finally Sweden. Planting the seeds of the new consciousness and at the same time being fertilized by the energy fields of these places, I gathered information about cultivating new consciousness on Earth.

The time has come for me to settle down. I am in the last chapter leading to a new home that will be constituting a sacred community of a new paradigm on earth. This is a transition period, when I finish facilitation of single retreats in order to be able to invite you to the piece of land, which will call me-us and which I will belong to.

There, we will offer ceremonies, community life courses, as well as long-term growth programs for people who are seriously committed to personal and spiritual development in order to better serve a bigger picture.

Wishing you that the Passage would be gentle and fruitful in the heart-opening moments

Estera Saraswati

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