General Vision – what are you invited to?

You are whole heartedly invited to discover yourself anew in a vast space of non-conceptual, innate wisdom. We facilitate process of self-empowerment by alchemist transformation what could be seen as mud into gold, polishing our diamond nature opening us to true freedom. 

Fundament of this field

These embodied and integrated teachings derive from Estera Saraswati’s personal life experience, spiritual practise and understanding of Tantric Buddhism enriched by skilful means from Hindu Tantra and Temple Arts of matriarchy times. Her compassion based body of work aims to inspire others to create together a new culture, bringing sacred way of living to a daily life, to live life free from fear and in a deep connection with our true nature that we need first to discover.  

Sacred living

Sacred way of living is rooted in space of wisdom that manifests itself as a respect to all beings and forms of life – visible and invisible – humans, animals, plants, stones, nature spirits, Earth etc. and their peaceful, joyful co-exhistence. We invite a spiritual perspective into a mundane life in order to bring more authenticity, fulfilment, beauty and true happiness


Base of our approach is a simple expression of love and compassion, acting for the benefit of all sentient beings and Earth. We care to bring more freedom, joy and connection into people’s life as well as to walk together towards an ultimate purpose of self-liberation from illusions and realising our luminous nature.  

Sexual energy is perceived by us as a vital life force, powerful healing agent and a sacred, ecstatic gateway to discover our essence beyond the veils of concepts, ignorance and afflicting emotions. We hold sexual energy in the core of all teachings and the body of work we offer, that embraces all aspects of human experience: conscious birth and death, art of lovemaking, conscious relating, community living, menstruation and menopause, getting older as well as just stepping into life and finally spiritual awakening. 

We belief that peace, bliss and freedom arise inside and only then can be manifested outside. They come from realisation of inner union of masculine and feminine transpersonal essence that is same for all beings regardless of gender.  

Thus, we act towards manifestation of empowered feminine and masculine within for all genders equally.  

We invite women to respectfully and lovingly embrace their own inner masculine essence that its expression is no longer collectively distorted by harming, social and cultural conditioning as well as lack of right knowledge. Than their feminine side can flourish, feeling inner safety, stability, discipline, structure, purpose and clarity from their inner masculine. Same for men with their own feminine essence.  After embracing their femininity – sensuality, sensitivity, intuition, feelings, creativity, non-conceptual wisdom  – masculine can be empowered within. 

We support reclaiming sacred seeding power of phallus and wisdom gateway of vagina and mysteries of womb. We care about bringing peace, love and respect between genders by realising our inner masculine and feminine essence as well as healing inner marriage between them.  

We belief that a way how we are conceived and welcome into this world has a significant meaning for our life and all existence. It is also tightly interconnected with a way we die – being birthed into other reality.  

Parental experience is strongly influenced by a modern nuclear family concept, creating all other sorts of troubles like disconnection of mother and lover archetypes, broken sisterhood between women and brotherhood between men, severe loneliness in life, painful aging as well as destructive jealousy in areas of love and sexuality. We see creating a new way of communal living as a way of coming back to sacred, peaceful living in a deep connection with nature, within and outside. 

We bring education, healing and inspirations into these meaningful areas, working in an integrated way with body, mind, energy and consciousness. Body is approached as a temple, a microcosmic reality through which we can discover macrocosms. By fully and consciously engaging with all senses, we can transcend materialism and bring non-duality approach to our lives. By embracing paradoxes and polarities, we are not caught by any of them but discovering a space of ultimate freedom. We also see body as an accumulation gathered from our past, individually, generationally and collectively. Thus, we can invite more freedom to our life by taking this unconscious baggage down and consciously heal our bodies.

We act towards all these goals by wisely liberating sexual, life force energy from social and religious conditioning that diminishes our true nature and keep our minds and bodies enslaved. In this case ritualistic temple art of sexual healing and Hindu tantra are very useful and appropriate to implement. After freeing our powerful life force, we can live a meaningful life with more ease and apply antient spiritual teachings towards self-liberation, being a change that world needs. We can all than facilitate an ongoing collective and personal transition from patriarchy into a new era of caring interconnectedness. 

Patriarchy is seen as a system of control, possession and power over others, body, Earth, based on fear of the unknown. It can be found in every being no matter our gender is. This view can give us opportunity to step out of gender war hooked on blaming and guilt. Than we can together, men and women act towards bright future for all generations. 

As a team, we have been constantly in a process of learning, rising into and surrendering to this high aspiration. 

Who are we?

We are an international group of all ages coming from different spiritual backgrounds and having varied life experiences. We also represent big variety of personalities. What brings us together is an embodied vision and teachings that Estera Saraswati’s has been holding and inviting us to share with her and implement it together. 

Feel welcome!

You can, safely being hold by us, loose your old self by embracing your wounding, letting go of old beliefs, softening contractions, feeding your inner demons for purpose of transformation, find your ecstatic nature and finally allow your new self to be revealed that is based on new understanding of reality and what we are. 

Welcome, you are accepted as you are into this family of caring, loving, vital human beings. 

Estera Saraswati and Team of Sacred Living 

Upcoming Events

Sweden | New Man

11 August - 18 August

Hawaii | Wisdom of Innocence

21/03/2020 - 27/03/2020