Tantric New Year Dream Manifestation Retreat 2015

Who would have known…. there was answers to me as becoming a more relaxed balanced man, by exploring BOTH sides of me, my masculine side and my feminine side?
By rejecting masculine power, or being afraid of it, or rejecting feminine traits like passion, fun, joy, creativity, flirting, sexuality, chaos and whatever all female energy is about, how much fun will I be as a man, how free will I feel?

I will be a dead stone!

Being afraid of masculine energy in women is also an important aspect I discovered, to becoming relaxed as a man. Also to be able to appreciate feminine energy in women and in men, not being afraid of it.

If fear, it all comes down to setting boundaries. If you have had fearful experiences before, it’s time to use boundaries to as an adult, take your power back when engaging with other people. What do you say a big YES to? What do you not know, unsure about? It means NO! Or renegotiate and change the situation to a version where you feel..a big YES!
Is it uncomfortable to tell NO to others? It is for me sometimes, and sometimes I do things I don’t enjoy due to it.

Meeting with women, requires BOTH female and masculine energy being accepted and loved by a man, in himself.

And as for a woman, I see it as logic as the same is valid, that both feminine and masculine energy / traits / qualities are necessary to feel complete and have a good life on earth and together with men and women.

There are situations where more or less of one or the both are needed. Embracing them both, I will become a happier more balanced human being.