Reclaiming Priestesshood project – White Priestess Dakini, Bali March 2018

I never met Estera or any of the team members before going to this retreat on Bali. I had no idea what to expect but I felt called and that I had to go.

The beauty of the island, the plants, the animals, the earth and the water – it was in such perfect harmony with the space created by Estera and the team.

Healing and letting go of past hurts, feeling into my deepest longing, stepping into a new world.

I had so many beautiful, strong and lifechanging moments during this retreat. Profound is the only word that can describe how I experienced it.

Estera transmits and guides with grace and intuition with a deeply anchored strength and a lot of experience. I did not only feel safe to look into my own wounds but also to step up from the ashes and into my own priestesshood.

I feel more than ever full of life, hope and worthiness. I had not planned to go the other retreats: green, red and rainbow – but now I feel a deep calling to continue on this path – growing and expanding even more. I am sure that these retreats will be just as epic <3