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Wise Leadership

A training for the next generation leaders held by Estera Saraswati 

a wise woman, mentor, tantric yogini and a New Earth visionary  – community based on compassion and common care for a sacredness of life


Each module is a complete chapter.

Disclaimer, The entire text is copyrighted, it is not allowed to be copied or any fragments of the text used without a prior consent of the author.

Time for New Leaders

You are invited to step into the next level of a leadership art. We can learn together a process and key issues of building new type of foundations so that being a leader is a success for us and for all involved. By success, I mean that we all take advantage of a synergy and we receive much more than what we have imagined to achieve. We can learn how to find a hidden wisdom, to recognize our proper rank as a leader, while bringing out equality at the same time. It inspires spontaneous openness, creativity and joy.

How to skillfully manage a dynamics of a process that takes place in each group differently?

Much depends on what is a style and type (business, personal, group) of our leadership, what our goals are and what brought people to us. It effects in a different way of navigation. What is common, however, is our ability to authentically meet a group as a whole and each participant individually at the same time, while maintaining our center so as not to feel overloaded or burned out.

Leadership can be an artistry. We become an artist through appropriate education, training and practice. We start with craftsmanship training. First, we need to become good artisans who understand laws creating group dynamics as well as can quickly establish deep and receptive contact with people. Over time, we will also develop some skills of working with shadow and group potential, which will take us to the level of mastery.

This course consists of essential and easily digestible modules that are independent parts, creating synergies with each other at the same time. You can participate in any part independently.

This program will grow in the next years as there is a great need to support a new quality of leadership. Thanks to Estera’s rich and varied experience in leading groups for last 20 years in different areas (big corporation, art, esoteric spirituality, personal growth) as well as good foundation in a buddhist path, she can contribute generously to this process with her expertise and joy.

She will share her rich experience, wisdom and systematized knowledge, enriched with some not well known secrets of leading. She will share with you how to create groups that offer a sense of security, using time and resources efficiently so that you can fast immerse into wisdom and depth of a group’s potential.

New paradigm of leadership

Our world is in a process of a big change. There are those among us who yearn for a new way and are tired of old ways that do not really work anymore. The old paradigm is based on domination of immature aspects of our personality. That is why a process of transition and shaping a new way of being as a group leader is so important.  Learning how to wisely share a role of a leader with others is part of this next stage.

We want to come out of a reality built on a leader’s hidden uncertainty, that is covered with various manipulative techniques, aggressive marketing and overconfidence. We want to access a reality of gradually building our maturity as well as our competencies based on healthy foundations amongst which wisdom is the main principle.

It is important to approach this transition in leadership with kindness to our mistakes as a part of a learning process. We do not want to throw a baby out with a bath water. We can look closely at how we can improve and enrich our old ways of leadership with wisdom and deeper understanding of our interdependence.

We need some courage to notice our potential areas of growth as well as places of our own incompetence in order to be able to change it. Receptivity and constant desire to grow makes leader strong.

Modules of Training


  • Foundations for building a successful group based on wisdom
  • Ways of opening and closing group space that generate additional energy and creates completeness and safety
  • Building wise structure
  • What is usually neglected and could be the key success factors
  • Differences in old and new group leadership
  • How to create emotional and energy safety in a group
  • Role of emotions in leading a group
  • Ways to create a community spirit in different groups, sense of being together and belonging


  • Perfecting yourself as a vessel for a group process
  • What is essential and fundamental to move to the next level of group leadership and how to do it
  • Features and values ​​of a good leader – how to improve
  • What is rank and how to manage it in a group
  • Leader’s rank and responsibility
  • Working with participant projections – tips on how to maintain your center and stay receptive at the same time


  • How to turn disadvantages into advantages and lead into gold – we learn the basics of an art of transformation. What is an obstacle and a challenge for others, we may benefit from, if we know the alchemical art of transformation
  • How to avoid a trap of unconscious misuse of rank and power, and staying a leader at the same time
  • Equality and leadership as non-exclusive paradox
  • Difficult situations and difficult participants – ways to deal wisely with challenges
  • The art of resolving conflicts and tensions wisely


It is astrongly advised to complete at least one other module to participate in module IV.

  • How to grow from a good craftsman to an artist and step into a territory of an art of a group management.
  • Secrets of masterly leading a group.
  • How to discover hidden talents, potentials and roles in a group
  • Simultaneous work on an individual, group and collective level
  • Mastering group dynamics management
  • Building a community, long-term groups

Each module ends with a diploma of completion

Testimonials after the first edition (June, 2022)

The Wise Leaders course surprised me. First of all, the way of leading by Estera. Although she had the material prepared, she did not force anything. She followed the group very carefully and it felt as if the content was filling our capabilities and our needs. For me, it is the greatest art – to follow what is emerging and at the same time keep an eye on the boundaries and achieve a goal. Personal content for healing was constantly appearing, but this course is not about working with it directly. It was a discovery for me to understand that emotions are only information – they have to be noticed, but what is more important for the leader is what’s underneath them. A wise leader remains at the center all time. It’s difficult for me, but I hope the next modules will strengthen my new skills. Thank you. Agnieszka Dziewolska.

It’s hard to describe in words what happened during three days of the first module of a Wise Leaders course, but changes that have been taking place since then are impressive. It was like a stone thrown into a water. It exploded and it has been now expanding, making new circles, without resistance and in full openness and acceptance. This course is an invitation to changes that seem to happen effortlessly. Changes occur in every area of my ​​life. I let go with peace, as I don’t have to stand on my toes anymore. The course was held in a wonderful place where time flies at a different pace and is even a place out of time. The surrounding nature, river, animals and people were facilitating our transformation. Our session room was perfectly sized, very large and spacious. It allowed us to settle in and easily open up, and to dance with thoughts, observations, questions, dilemmas, objections, conflicts and all wisdom. We were fed there with delicious food and good words. The participants in the group are fascinatingly diverse, but focused on a common path under wise leadership of Estera, who, as always, delighted in every way and often surprised with sudden twists and interesting reactions. Everything was perfect for me. I have observed a growing amount of courage to stand in truth and intimacy. I recommend it with all my heart. Agnes

I believe that the Wise Leaders course is very much needed socially. This is one of the reasons I signed up for it. Even if sometimes I do not know exactly what form my leadership would take, because I am at the beginning, I feel that the knowledge that Estera shares and a dialogue she established, and that we all share this journey, where everyone is so different, makes this course very universal in life. The first module was already very comprehensive. I gained not only knowledge, but also a large dose of support and inspiration, as well as nourishment from being together. In this course, I learn how to be in space with others, boldly representing my heart. Thank you very much for this opportunity! Marta

For me, the Course is like a Light appearing in a cave that I have entered after years of leadership that finished with a burnout for me. I have got a broad view of what I did wrong and learned from Estera’s wisdom and guidance, and my mistakes. I am inspired and empowered. I believe that after completing the course I will know how to build groups that are successful and realize shared vision. Agatha

The Wise Leaders course raises fundamental questions that everyone should answer in order to make this life more useful and fulfilling. This question is: what does your heart long for, what moves it, what injustice? What do you want to leave behind? Where do your gifts and talents want to flow for the benefit of all? Life becomes fuller as we realize the true desires of the heart, then adversity becomes an exciting challenge. On the path of the heart for the benefit of all. Marek

For me, the course is a confirmation that the path we are walking together is good and important. It is a message that by expanding our awareness, we effectively influence others and they affect us. It is also fun with great attention to all details of the surrounding world. It is a good learning of how to see supportive qualities. Thank you. Greta

What might happen?

You will learn both the foundations and some secrets of building a group as well as some proven methods. Each module describes specific thematic blocks that we will deal with. There is also a place to adapt a content of ths training to your specific needs.

  • new, fresh, diversed knowledge
  • proven techniques
  • case studies
  • place for your needs
  • creative brainstorming
  • embodied practices to support integration
  • a community time of nourishing and inspiring

What will you get?

  • empowerment of a new paradigm leader
  • knowledge – foundations and secrets
  • tools
  • empowerment of masculine energy, allowing you to build a healthy, stable, full of power and transparency structure, without ego dominance
  • empowerment of feminine energy, which introduces a quality of gentleness, juiciness and acceptance
  • building an internal masculine and feminine union in the context of being a leader, which is the key to success and gives an opportunity to build a space of true transformation and wisdom rising
  • hints for your development as a new paradigm leader
  • diploma of a course completion

Who is this Experience suitable for?

Estera’s vessel is always spacious enough to cover more shallow and more deep ends of a pool. Therefore, this course is suitable for people who are just starting, those who already have some experience, and those who are experienced in running groups. Everyone will find something for oneself. We can all inspire and learn from each other – freshness, non-standard approach and proven methods.

For people who want to reliably, safely, responsibly and wisely lead groups, meetings and circles on any topic.

Varied areas of leadership – self-development, creation and art, communities, entrepreneurs and business areas.

For people who want to support others in building our world wisely and using their talents skilfully.

If you are a beginner, you will have a solid foundation that gives you confidence to start with and some steps to build a group.

If you have been already leading groups, you will receive a new knowledge, fresh perspective, that will lead you towards your mastery if you are willing to put in some adequate work to get there.

Estera will be more than happy to accompany you!

Estera Saraswati’s experience in leadership

Estera Saraswati is an expert in guiding groups. She is able to skilfully introduce integrated and unified masculine and feminine qualities into a group. Tenderness, patience and receptivity go hand in hand with great clarity, insight and courage. Her genuine, soft and uncompromising presence sets an example and encourages everyone to find it within themselves. Groups she leads are very diverse and varied in terms of age, gender, experience, nationality, from hippies and people living outside the box, artists, corporate people to bank executives, sometimes all in one group. She can create space when they feel good together in a short time due to her inclusiveness. In addition to her extensive experience, it is primarily wisdom and fruits of her practise on a buddhist path that determines high and unique quality of these groups. Some participants call it a multidimensional magic what they experience, in addition to their learning and development.
Estera has been usually occuping leadership positions due to her natural charismatic personality and a loving heart that cares for a welfare of a whole.

Two decades ago, she started her career in one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical corporations, where she was a product manager with a team of 200 people for seven years. After breaking so called glass ceiling in her career, she felt drained and found out that a ladder she was climbing up was standing against a wrong wall, as Rick Jarrow wrote in his Anti-Career book. Studying this book in Tanna Jakubowicz-Mount’s, transpersonal psychology group was a big impulse to change her career path completely and follow deep intuition.

She became an artistic manager of her ex-husband – a jazz musician and his friends. For five years, she created a niche in a market so that they could live in a dignified and respectful way as artists. Their work was underestimated and inadequately finantialy rewarded. Lack of music education in Polish schools caused misunderstanding of a value of music and art in our life. She managed to help them by creating new types of synergistic networks and offers that combine seemingly contradictory goals. This taught her how to bring higher values ​​to business, creating a new trend.

She spent the next five years creating a scene of spiritual and conscious sexuality in Poland. She invited and organized the first visits of key teachers from all over the world. Thanks to her vision, commitment, passion and courage, great teachers came to Poland to support us to open our bodies, senses and restore a natural sexual flow in our bodies. This was the time when a project called House of Estera was in operation, full of passion, crazy creation and innovative ideas that shaped this market. Back then, she intuitively explored a gift economy.

She has led self-development and healing groups since 2009, when she completed her internship in California with Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova, an advocate for natural birth.

Then, with some support of her friends, she created a pioneer International Meetings of Sexuality and Consciousness in 2014 in Jelenia Struga and in 2015 in Cracow. It took a form between a conference and a festival, with a vision of an alchemical vortex of creation at the intersection of culture, science, art, personal development and spirituality. It was a platform that was a trampoline for many people and a source of many inspirations that continue to flourish until today. This project was not rewarding financially, but it was nourishing with its pioneering nature and setting trends for the next decade. This taught her a complex project management (years in a corporation came in handy), which was created by almost 50 people from many countries. She managed to invite over a dozen of the most interesting and experienced foreign speakers and teachers, who came at their own expense and without fee, due to unique vision, trust and friendship with Estera. Twice, representatives of Tamera’s inner founding circle had the opportunity to present their 40-years old project.

Since 2014, she finished organizing events for others, transforming her project of House of Estera into House of Tantra, where with an ex-partner she taught groups about spiritual sexuality and healing, based on temple and tantric arts. At the end of 2017, as a result of disagreements about shared vision and separation, House of Tantra ceased to exist in its original form.

Estera and her international team have worked very intensively for three years all over the world, offering dozens of events within a frame of a project called Estera Saraswati – Empowerment & Freedom. It has taught her great flexibility and quick creation of healing spaces for a very diverse cultural group of people. She led a team of assistants and a small community for five years altogether, while they also shared a house together in Ibiza and Sweden (kids involved). Her experience of living for six months as an invited guest in Tamera community (and one year as a neighbor after some years) has helped her in this new life chapter. It taught her a different kind of understanding of group dynamics on a daily basis. She also had personal students whom she led in annual development programs back than.

She participated as a lecturer and facilitator in many international festivals, including the largest self-development festival NoMind in Sweden gathering 1,200 people, Tantra Festival in Sweden, as well as in Israel (ISTA, Cosmic Lovers) and Poland (Vibrations, Leadership Festival and neo-tantric festival in Nowe Kawkowo ).

In 2014-18, she was a facilitator in ISTA (International School of Tempe Arts), an international organisation that runs workshops all over the world in order to increase personal sovereignty and release the layers of suppressed life energy. She started to learn a new paradigm of sharing power between leaders thanks to a system of running retreats in leaders triad.

Running groups, from 3 to 55 people in intensive, one-week processes often in two languages ​​and in different countries, as well as short-term groups of several hundred people at festivals, gives an endless spectrum of acquired experiences. Estera has taught in Poland, Portugal, Sweden, the Netherlands, Turkey, Egypt, India, Bali and Ibiza so far. She has thirteen years of experience in leading self-development groups.

Thanks to her personal practice of Buddhist tantra, Estera gradually becomes a better guide and a vessel for supporting others in their continous growth. The area of ​​sexual energy healing and transformation is the most difficult area of ​​group management, where there are the highest challenges, pitfalls and many opportunities for abuse and re-traumatization. It requires reaching a mastership of leadership and group dynamics managment if it is really meant to create a field of transformation instead of self-indulgence.

Aall these experiences have taught her the art of intimacy – a deep meeting of oneself and others in all sorts of circumstances.

Standing boldly a ground with an open heart being dedicated to the benefit of the whole is an art to be trained. While it is integrated with some gained experience and personal spiritual practice, it allows to achieve the master level of group leadership. A true art!

Estera wants to generously share it with you!

Registration process and agreements

After completing and sending the application form for the training, next steps of the registration process, like the agreement of participation, terms and dates of payments, will be sent by email. Please check your Spam folder!

After reading a completed registration form and sometimes having an additional short call, we may suggest a preparation. We also reserve the right to refuse admission.

 If you have any questions, please contact Estera at

Organisation details

  • Venue: London
  • Date:
    • Module I:  31 March – 02 April 2023
    • Module II: 21 – 23 April 2023
    • Module III: 19 – 21 May 2023
    • Module IV: 16 – 18 June 2023
  • Time: Friday and Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm; Sunday, 10 am – 4pm.
  • Language: English
  • Price for the course (not incl. accomodation & food):
    • 1 module – 450 euro
    • more than 2 modules – 400 euro for each module, paid up front with registration
  • Payment is up front after completed registration by bank transfer to the given account, non-refundable.
  • Payment and emailing a signed participation agreement guarantees your place at the course.
  • Full organizational information (what to take, address, etc.) will be sent after sending deposit payment and agreement. If you don’t see it, please check your Spam box.
  • Registration is closed when there are no more spaces left.
  • Contact:
  • Registration: here >>

We welcome everyone to this joined adventure. It’s thrilling and exciting to be part of building a new imprint.

We can do it! Together