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Sacred slut

By |3rd December 2019|Categories: Tantra|Tags: , , , , , , |

For hundreds of years, harmful philosophies and systems have enslaved our body-minds. These degenerated times have resulted in all sorts of detachments. Disconnection runs throughout our lives The first disconnection is created by unloving [...]

Ending the gender war and creating real community

By |31st October 2019|Categories: Tantra|Tags: , , , |

 There’s great wounding and resentment between men and women. It’s a vicious circle: who is the first to say sorry? Both sides feel hurt and wounded. Both sides demand respect. We stand in front [...]

Courage to Die Together – what new tantra men can learn from traditional path of Tantra

By |4th July 2019|Categories: Men, Tantra|Tags: , , |

I see how Tantra grows in the West when it is mixed with mainly shamanism and some therapy work. It definitely contributes to grow a more conscious and intimate life. It helps release shame [...]

Rage of the feminine – Notre Dame Cathedral on Fire

By |17th April 2019|Categories: Feminine, Tantra|Tags: , , , , , |

The Feminine is raging, roaring from her fiery all embracing heart and her dark vagina, it is enough! It is correlated with many small awakenings in private lives of people when the last drop [...]

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