Thank you for this beautiful meeting. It was intense on number of levels. Insight and understanding has been still slowly emerging about what had really happened,. It’s hard to describe, so I don’t even try to name it. Flashes of Four Pillars of Tantra appear in my mind and my heart. Old memories from my past come back with new meaning now. I have more understanding and more clarity how phenomena manifest themselves, how they are interconnected and how they attract each other. Much of relief comes from the fact that the concept of Four Pillars of Tantra is so consistent with life. My inner guidance showed me earlier how balance between them is the basis for development … Meeting you gave me a lot of sense, that what counts is trust to intuition, inner guidance, courage to be authentic, mindfulness … I feel that something is sprouting and growing. Thank you for this with all my heart. For the benefit of all beings 🙂