Reclaiming Priestesshood project – White Priestess Dakini, Bali March 2018

Some reflections on why I’m here in Bali, learning with and supporting my beloved teacher, Estera Saraswati. It’s so easy to indulge ourselves in spiritual and personal development consumerism. What’s the point of it all? Are we just getting stuck in personal healing (me, myself and I) and emotional energy creating more emotional energy, or are we actually transforming and then taking inspired courageous action in our everyday lives to be in conscious service? This is what matters in the end – how much we share our gifts and love to help others !

I have used this privileged sacred space to shine light lovingly on my shadows and fears that have been keeping me locked in my ego, withholding my love or placing conditions on my love, and the parts of me that have been afraid to let go of control resulting in me often feeling tired, sore and worn out in my body and not fully able to be in service.

I am here to open myself up bigger to unconditional love, to know this in my body and feel what touches my heart so deeply to offer my life in service of this (more to come on this). It has been all of this and so much more!!!

I am immensely grateful. I feel the enormous shift inside of me …. and now starts the important part of integrating and embodying and taking action in my life.