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Phoenix Rising

A week long retreat of sexual healing and empowerment held by Estera Saraswati 

a contemporary mystic and a New Earth visionary  – community based on compassion and common care for a sacredness of life

Wise power in action – Sexual awakening & healing – Togetherness

Why doesn’t our sexuality take us directly to a paradise and leaves us there? And sometimes when it takes us, it throws us sooner or later to the gates of hell.

Does it have something to do with a common history and myths told by our cultures?

What if we changed a narrative, fired this old movie director and started to write our own story …

I invite us on a week-long journey through various inner landscapes, to a space that transcends all of them, while fulfilling everything that is with a vital potential and offering new beginnings.

The intention is to create a healing space that activates our hidden potential and a spirit of togetherness melting down our sense of separation and loneliness for our inner treasures to shine brightly.

It is a deep journey that requires our determination, courage and commitment so that our treasures can be revealed like a dawn in a sky effortlessly.

Discovering a body as a seat of the divine is a direction I invite us to travel towards. It is enough of suffering, violence and neglecting something that can become our precious temple. It is also enough to follow superficial pleasures and needs. It’s opportunity to discover deeper layers of experiencing yourself and the world. We may become a fountain of love, bliss and freedom that brings water to many thirsty beings. Our individual life journey can be of benefit to many beings if we just set our stere in this direction. Changing the perception of reality is a key part of a transformation process as well as cleansing the past accumulations of body and mind.

Our bodies are a body of the Earth. Waters of the Earth are dirty, air is polluted, garbage is ubiquitous, and food is poisoned. We are inseparable.

By cleansing our bodies, allowing crystal water to flow through them again, we are purifying waters of the Earth.

By removing accumulated toxic beliefs, views and imprints, we clean garbage from the Earth.

By cultivating wildness of our bodies and their natural magic, we restore forests, wild animals and destroyed nature to their natural environments.

By ceasing to fight desire, but channeling and transforming it wisely, we become once again powerful protectors of this Earth and its beings.

By channeling sexual energy to our hearts, we create space where magic happens, sacredness and natural protection returns to our planet.

We are inseparable from body of the Earth and its wisdom. We are her children as well as guardians, custodians and lovers.

Tender, powerful love can arise when sexual energy is freely connected with wisdom of a spacious heart that does not grasp because it is not afraid of any loss.

When our boundaries become like the membrane surrounding a baby in a womb, instead of a wall, edges of our mind and thus our behavior soften. It is time to move forward from old struggles and conflicts into co-operations, instead of strengthening and commemorating an old reality that put us in the stocks of inner bondage and dilemmas.

Masculine and feminine can meet within us in a deep and tender recognition of own unseparatedness. From their love creation, a golden child, a new civilization, may arise. A culture that is spacious enough to support diversity. After we have acctivated an inner union, we can be and act in the world more fully. Gender is no longer a restriction but an enriching experience.

Power of a Dragon within us becomes a supporting and guarding force for treasures, rather than being treated with ignorance, pride and stupidity. Respect for life and death, represented by Dragons, builds a safe space for shaping a new culture.

Contacting deep needs of a heart and finding its fulfillment turns our gaze away from a culture of a superficial consumption that destroys our planet and ourselves.

A Warrior and a Warrioress of Compassion may arise in us, whose individuality serves the whole. Their personal needs are more than fulfilled by serving the whole. Matter turns out to be filled with light and inseparable from a sphere of spirituality.

New children are born within us. Golden children. Guardians of the New Earth.

This is the journey I invite us to embark.

Sexual energy is a mystical gateway to awakening of all areas of our lives

Sexual energy is a life force in each of us, being the fuel of all creation. It is a polarity between masculine and feminine essence within us. When it is active, our eyes shine, we have a lot of enthusiasm and vitality to live and constantly coming with new ideas.

Another aspect of sexual energy is an intimate dimension of communication. Through it, we communicate with beings in a non verbal way, accessing spheres of natural magic. Even if we are not aware of it, we transmit a lot of information to each other through even subtle energy or body contact. If we learn to do it consciously, we can step into a field of the sacred.

And here comes another aspect of sexual energy, a spiritual and transpersonal dimensions. Through it, we can go beyond our habitual mind and a chatter of thoughts. An area that philosophers did not dream of is opening up. It is an empirical part that cannot be described in words, maybe by a language of poetry and sacred art.

Another feature of sexual energy is generating abundance. An open flow of sexual energy is directly correlated with our power of manifesting reality and our ability to create material abundance.

Sexual energy influences our approach to the world. When we are in good contact with it and it flows freely through our whole body upwards, it opens all nervous and energy centers. It significantly influences trust in the world, people and life, arises joy and happiness from ordinary things of everyday life, strengthtens our expression of who we are and our connection with others, increases a sense of safety – we have more power to clearly communicate what we want and do not want.

Finally, sexual energy is a powerful healing force. When we activate it skilfully in special conditions, it becomes the most powerful catalyst for change and transformation. Stuck places within a body are activated and healed that were blocking a flow of life force. They were holding memories of past wounds: individual, ancestral and collective. When sexual energy takes refuge in our hearts, life-changing transformation takes place.

A unique approach to sexual healing

Unique in Estera Saraswati’s work is a combination of wisdom teachings, respectful approach to unblock obstacles in a body with a ritualized approach to sexual energy from matriarchal times. Back then, it was recognized by an entire community as a sacred power to heal and enter higher dimensions of spirituality, for which purpose temples at the center of communities served.

The combination of deep teachings, modern bodywork with temple ritualistic sexuality creates profound, relatively quick, and tangible results. We can experience healing not in a therapeutic way, but much deeper so that a transformation can take place. Each Estera’s demonstration of practices is a healing energy transmission for a whole group. It is supported by instructional teachings that reveal the broad context of sexual healing sessions – from therapeutic, shamanic and tantric levels.

Everything is illuminated by a light of conscious presence and loving awareness. Thanks to this, we can develop faster and safer, without a post-workshop yo-yo effect.

Key points:
* minfully opening heart space before opening a flow of sexual energy – slower and softer, gradually increasing a space within our heart for sexual energy and what it brings
* an atmosphere of being together – creating tender and caring connections, getting out of separation and returning home (from “I and you” to “Mewe”)
* original Estera Saraswati’s rituals such as yoni and lingam puja (celebration and deep healing of our bodies and the collective) – ancient wisdom for new times

Principles of this Experience

  • Empowerment & liberation in a community spirit
  • Kindness & common care
  • Transparency & honesty
  • Respect & non-violence
  • Co-creation & receptivity
  • Sovereignty & responsibility 

Modalities of this Experience

This process will be designed to meet a unique group of individuals who will hear this call and show up. Modern embodied practices include all levels of body-heart-mind-spirit experiences aiming to connect with wisdom and already our awakened nature within.

Fundamental to all practices: learning to own sexual energy and direct it into our core – energetic heart; embodying the masculine and feminine essence within and activating its union; establishing a stable, peaceful mind; opening a powerful, vulnerable space of heart.

Everything we are invited to is voluntary. Everyone responsibly creates one’s own experience according to one’s own boundaries and truth.

Potential forms of exploring oneself and expanding one’s own self-knowledge:

  • Satsangs – meeting with space of wisdom
  • Meditation
  • Sexual healing and sacred bodywork sessions
  • Shamanic and tantric rituals
  • Love temples & celebration of sexuality 
  • Sharing circles 
  • Community building
  • Radical honesty practice
  • Yoni and lingam pujas – a ritual of celebration and deep heeling

If you choose, there can be nudity or partial nudity and intimate contact (energetic or physical) with oneself or others based on individual boundaries stated in the moment and personal choices made by participants. You are in your personal sovereignty and choice at all times.

Additional Information

  • You decide on your own level of participation
  • At any time you can pause or slow down your own process to move at your own pace
  • You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. You are supported in following your own choices and truth.
  • Being authentic is the most important value.
  • There is nudity or partial nudity in the retreat, within individual boundaries.

Who is this Experience suitable for?

The main aim of the retreat is to deepen a process of discovering yourself as a multidimensional being, awakening an inner union of feminine and masculine essence and integrating different parts of yourself on many levels to be able to be better alligned with your life purpose and in service to the Earth and all its beings.

We invite people regardless of age (adults), gender, orientation or sexual identity, who deeply care about our common future and want to create a New Earth for themselves and future generations.

This is the next level in workshop experiences. Therefore, this retreat is more suitable for people who already have some experience in this field or are new to it, but mature enough and responsible for themselves to be ready to deeply immerse in a very wide and spacious exploration of oneself.

We invite people who:

  • are ready to be led by a female teacher through a territory of embodied and sexual spirituality
  • are on a path of self-development and spiritual growth
  • have a healthy and stable personality structure (ego) and an ability to set and communicate their own boundaries without playing a perpetrator, victim and saviour dynamics
  • have healed significant traumas that might had been on the way for them to act in a sovereign and healthy way
  • are now free from mental disturbances that might have prevented them from healthy communication with an outside world and clearly assessing reality
  • do not have serious addictions compulsively influencing their behavior
  • can function for a week without alcohol, cigarettes, stimulants, meat

Registration and consent

Everyone is responsible for the nature of their own experience and journey. We support everyone to follow their own process gradually without group pressure or expectations.

Please make yourself familiar with the initial participation requirements, and after a fair self-assessment please decide whether it is the right retreat for you. If you have any doubts, we are here to help.

After Estera Saraswati’s carefully reading a completed registration form, we may sometimes have an additional short call, suggest a preparatory – individual session, or perhaps a more suitable retreat. As a duty of care for participants and the group, we also reserve the right to refuse admission.

After completing and sending the application form for the retreat, next steps of the registration process, like the agreement of participation, terms and dates of payments, will be sent by email.

Organisation details

Place: Turkey. Our stunning venue is located in a totally wild nature with pools

Price: 740 – 1500 euro, you decide upon your financial situation and generosity. Price includes accommodation and vegetarian meals in our amazing location. 400 euro of non-refundable deposit secures your place after your registration.
Language: English
Registration via the registration form. After registration and acceptance of participation by Estera, further registration steps will be sent (participation agreement, deposit payment, refund policy etc.). Registration is closed one week before the start of the retreat or when we run out of spaces.
Organisation details are available with the organiser: Murad

We welcome everyone to this joined adventure. It’s thrilling and exciting to be part of building a new imprint for the New Earth.

We can do it! Together