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Dragon Flight Experience

A week long Tantric laboratory for a New Earth held by Estera Saraswati 

a contemporary mystic and a New Earth visionary  – community based on compassion and common care for a sacredness of life

Experience your power and sovereignty in the service of community 

Power – Compassion – Community

You are warmly welcome to join this week long laboratory for a sacred empowered living. We come together to exercise our powers, share gifts, be witnessed and accepted, step into more sovereignty and me-we consciousness. It is a very new offering of Estera Saraswati after her year break while she has been travelling through inner and outer spaces to discover new lands to be shared and invited to. 

New Power

We are in a process of transformation from a patriarchy culture to a New Earth, firstly within. The main difference could be seen as a difference in how we deal with power and where the captain’s bridge is placed. The old system is the culture based on domination and control of the unknown, magic, everything that can not be proved but needs to be felt – in other words, Life. Its main trigger is fear and aggression built upon that. A frightened mind overwhelmed by the vastness of the universe needs to slice and box a scary reality to feel safe. It can feel only than its own separate existence as real by having an illusion of control. This urge what is in fact a fake feeling of safety drives our Earth, its animals, plants and us till the edge of extinction. We have been gaining and gathering more power through centuries to eliminate many risks and yet developing cancers at the end. 

Many of us already know that we need to leverage our power in a different place. It can no be longer ego-driven. The “me, myself and I” focus is a perfect recipe for an experience of loneliness, sicknesses, stress, anxiety, depression and many others so called civilisation problems. 

Here we gather to step into more power, not denying, rejecting or placing it into the hands of almighty or authorities. Instead we own our power alongside the consequences it brings. We take full responsibility for owning it. Finding the humble place in our heart that can handle this power is a key success factor of a new civilisation. Wisdom circles, collective wisdom, wisdom of innocence: it all helps us to move into a new direction together. 

Powerful individuals are few but feel lonely. Powerless ones are many but angry towards a minority that has dominated them.

What would be the middle way embracing our power connected with love that is in service to the whole?

Dragons Back on Gaia

The Dragon can be understood as a symbol of a non-dualistic power and a guardian of treasures. Once these mythological creatures were protecting our Earth. They can also guide us to our own hidden treasures and lend us their powers – but only when our heart is willing and capacity is big enough to learn to truly love. Intimacy is like a muscle, it needs to be trained and grown stronger. These powerful creatures can be very intimate. We are asked for courage and willingness to surrender to what they show us. Embracing the shadow and dark side can be a lighthearted process of rapid heart expansion. It does not need to be a dramatic struggle if we stop resisting the power of love.

Are we ready to be intimate and receptive with the power of a Dragon? 

What are my gifts and treasures to be shown, shared and celebrated by a community?

Me-We Consciousness

We come from tribal cultures when group needs were always prioritised in order to survive. We have evolved to a culture of extreme individuality to know oneself better. Now we come to the next step of evolution to come back to a community spirit embracing powerful and skilled individuals. It demands wisdom and developed consciousness to let go of attachment to our own personal needs and rather find out how my needs and desires can serve the group that I am a part of. I need a tribe and a tribe needs me. It is an individual contribution that builds a tribe. Though shared values of loving kindness and tender power in community we as individuals can easier navigate through rough territories of ego expansion and personal transformation.

Am I willing to let go of some of my habits and conditioning in order to embark towards a new territory?

Am I ready to celebrate myself and others gifts freely?

Community Spirit

Surrendering to community spirit is like a fresh air that we need to breathe to really live and stop just surviving. Most people today feel like they are in survival mode. Some literally are in survival mode. Most of Western society share this strung-out state, even though we overexploit, overeat and abuse the resources of our own and of others. Layers of traumas stored in our bodies make it impossible to live lightly on the Earth with respect to its resources and sacredness of life. We have forgotten our access to the imprint of sacred life stored in our very cells.

We regain our vital spirit and zest for life by willingness and gradual learning about how to come back, to be received, and celebrated by community. Than, we can finally thrive.

Are we ready to let go of suffering and attachments? 

Temple of Love

Sexuality is a sacred, a mysterious power that we ignorantly managed to reduce to procreation and genitally-based sex. We can rediscover its spacious quality that brings expansion and so much joy. There is a big spectrum of possibilities how to experience it no matter our gender, age or body shape. The energy realm is a fascinating playground of new dimensions of possibilities if navigated with awareness and wisdom. It can bring tangible fruits in our relations with money, intimate relationships, and ways of living.

Am I curious and open enough to reclaim the power of life?

Can I humble myself before the mystery of a body, my own and others?

New Money

We can establish our relation with money as a loving one, once we have cleared our traumas, opened our body-mind, and set up noble values. It gives us better capacity to hold the energy of money with an enhanced direction to generate abundance for all. If we stop creating separation from others, we can discover doors of generosity as a magical portal to a new world. Sexuality and power need to be cleared. They must also be set up free by given over to the wisdom of the heart. 

Am I willing to let go of control?

Respect for Values & Protection of the Innocence

The marriage of Beauty and the Beast is a symbol figure of our beauty and innocence connected to our power and protection. Building a New World needs to be based on common noble values and self-discipline to stop the self-indulgence that harms others. Finding a new language and common understanding feels like a necessity in order to move to higher-vibration reality. Taming inner violence and inner war is the key to bring peace to our world. Activating protectors of our subtle self can bring about a non-violent world. Moving beyond our own indifference, taking conscious actions, making statements that are not “politically correct” are inalienable rights of a new world. 

Once I have read these words, can I let them go and start feeling what they invite me to?

Am I courageous enough to feel my own tremble, shivers, excitement, fear, desire ?

There is no coffee break from responsibility when we are powerful. Yet if we surrender to the wisdom of the heart and fuel it by our sexual fire, we can also enjoy this flight!

We open the wings of our Dragons to fly together to discover new territories and build New Earth!

Principles of this Experience

  • Empowerment & liberation in a community spirit
  • Kindness & common care
  • Transparency & honesty
  • Respect & non-violence
  • Co-creation
  • Individual & common responsibility 
  • Sovereignty & responsibility 

Modalities of this Experience

Awakening ~ Healing Space ~ Sacred Art ~ Love Temple ~ Community Spirit

The process will be designed to meet the unique group of individuals who attend. Modern embodied practices include all levels of body-heart-mind-spirit experiences aiming to connect with wisdom and already our awakened nature within.

Fundamental to all practices: owning sexual energy and bringing it into the core – the heart; embodying the masculine and feminine; establishing a stable, peaceful mind; opening a powerful, vulnerable space of heart.

Practices and rituals may include:

  • Satsangs
  • Sexual healing, rituals, sacred bodywork 
  • Music & dance & art
  • Sharing your gifts with others (your art, morning classes, skills):
    • Community gift market –  a generous practice of new money flow
    • Co-creating performances, classes, circles, practices for others
  • Love temples & celebration of sexuality
  • Sharing circles 
  • Community building
  • Radical honesty practice
  • Forum
  • Yoni and lingam pujas – a ritual of celebration and deep heeling

If you choose, there can be nudity and intimate contact (energetic or physical) with oneself or others based on individual boundaries stated in the moment and personal choices made by participants. You are in your personal sovereignty and choice at all times.

Who is this Experience suitable for?

This is for you if your soul and body is longing for:

  • Feeling fully alive, awake and juicy, embodied and connected
  • Bringing your gifts to the world with full power for the benefit of all
  • Deep change beyond ego-boosts 
  • Bringing in a new way of being on the Earth – light yet powerful and responsible, transformation, a new era (a New Earth)

It is for men and women of any sexual orientation or age who deeply care about our common future and want to be the New Earth.

Prerequisites for attending this Experience:

As a next generation retreat, the material is more suited for people who have been exploring this path for some time or are newcomers but feel it in very cells and are ready for a deep and spacious dive. We invite beings who:

  • have a healthy ego structure:  ability to take responsibility for their own experience (!), set up and communicate their own boundaries, own and have a basic capacity and skills to work with own projections, shadows and wounding, are receptive to feedback,
  • have already dived into healing, body de-armouring, sexual healing and embodied spiritual work and are ready for the next step
  • are already on the path of self growth and spiritual development
  • have healed major traumas allowing them to feel some pleasure in the body, access emotions and express them, adequately react in a present moment
  • have an access to their inner mature masculine (clarity of own boundaries and needs, clear communication, ability to witness and hold space without judgment for oneself and others)
  • people who are not presently suffering from serious mental illness that inhibits them from connecting with reality around them
  • do not have severe current addictions

Registration and consent

After reading a completed registration form and sometimes having an additional short call, we may suggest a preparatory – individual session, or perhaps a more suitable retreat. As a duty of care for participants and the group, we also reserve the right to refuse admission.

Please make yourself familiar with the initial participation requirements, and after a fair self-assessment please decide whether it is the right retreat for you. If you have any doubts, we are here to help.

Everyone is responsible for the nature of their own experience and journey. We support everyone to follow their own process gradually without group pressure or expectations.

After completing and sending the application form for the retreat, next steps of the registration process, like the agreement of participation, terms and dates of payments, will be sent by email.

Organisation details

Place: Portugal

Early Bird: €950
Full Price: €1100
Single Room: €1250
Price includes accommodation and vegan meals in our beautiful location in the South of Portugal.
500 euro deposit should be paid to secure your place after your registration.
Language: English
Registration via the registration form:  After registration and acceptance of participation, further registration steps will be sent (participation agreement, deposit payment, refund policy etc.)
Registration is closed one week before the start of the retreat (October 3rd) or when we run out of spaces.
All details are available with the organiser:

We welcome everyone to this joined adventure. It’s thrilling and exciting to be part of building a new imprint for the New Earth.

We can do it! Together