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Volker Omeis-Lother (Tamuh)

I am a 48 year old father of three adult sons and a three year old daughter. I went through a deep empowering process to own my beauty and energy as a strong powerful force of transformation and healing. I am a protector and spreader of body wisdom and experienced many workshops and trainings in the last years. My passion is to create a safe space to act from the unknown.By my presence and energy I want to invite women to explore their inner man and to surrender to their huge vastness as a woman.

I have been following a path of free sexuality since my early twenties. I was initiated to Tantric space by a woman 8 years ago. Though started to study and understand it deeper while joining Estera’s team.

In the past 6 years I have been predominantly living in ZEGG and Tamera, communities holding a vision of a new peace culture between men and women in free love. It also gave me a chance to practically apply and improve my university knowledge about permaculture and water treatment, in which I am holding a master degree (agricultural development). For me, how we treat water is a metaphor how we treat love and sexuality.

I stand for reconnection between heart and penetrative power.

I met Estera in Tamera where we shared a wish to create sacred communities as healing acupuncture points on this planet. Being in this team is a huge gift to feel more oneness.

First retreat with Estera in January 2017, joined Team in January 2017. Attended Kashimiri Tantric massage course in October 2017, offering it since than.


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