Georgina Peard

I’m an independent spirit, intense truth seeker, passionate and relentless dreamer and creator. I’m a heart warrior, humble and deeply committed custodian of Sacred Feminine wisdom, here to reveal, reclaim and restore the sacredness of life and being human.

Ever since I was a child I was yearning for deep spiritual connection, but religion never nourished me. Inside me, I knew something else, connected to the Earth and my body, where all of life was sacred.

My first career in international nature conservation allowed me experience some of the planet’s most spectacular natural temples, and meet the people living in these remote places. The spiritual connection between people and nature inspires me. The unconscious destruction, disempowerment and abuse of the innocent and the sacred devastates me. In 2010, the gift of burnout made me look deeper within to listen to my body, to embrace my pain, shame, fears and longings, and follow a voice calling me to rise, to create a new way. 

After many years teaching yoga, offering bodywork, exploring shamanism, experiencing and facilitating groups in Heart IQ Circle, it all came together when I found the combination of Shamanic, Tantric and Temple Arts. I accompany women and men ready to reveal their wild nature, to claim the power of their dreams and their wounds, the light and the dark, and to explore the true essence of their being, through their Temple bodies, in order to offer it in service of a more compassionate world. I have birthed and am nurturing the Living Sacred Womanhood Community, based in Switzerland, the Wild & Wise Woman Awakening Retreats and Conscious Connecting Experiences between Men & Women.

I joined this team to contribute to a global compassion and awakening revolution, to challenge myself to keep growing and being in service, as well as to feel companionship, walking this path together. I was scared of Estera at first! I was scared of being seen so deeply. I realized with time I had found a mentor, guide and sister I could trust to take me to the edges of my comfort zone with immense love, wisdom and safety.

My mantra is listen deeply, live courageously and love fiercely.

First retreat with Estera in August 2015, joined the Team in December 2018.