Dagmara Rosiak

I am a creative, perfectionist artist whose language is drawing, silk prints and making pancakes. My passion is to shed light to the importance of claiming back penetrative power of phallus in the world. My sacred weapon is my laughter that melts down tensions in a body and between people bringing natural state.

Though free movement and sacred sexuality I am coming back again and again to my authentic expression. I love to find beauty in the most hidden places of human psyche and body.

I was part of “Progettare per il Sud del Mondo” project in Mexico that resulted in building community house for people from small village. Ever since I dream to be more in service to underprivileged regions of the world. It was very inspiring to witness and learn from them a simple and happy life.

I am an environmental warrior. I stand up for the ones who have the least voice and their suffering is not easily recognisable. When I see loads of rubbish on a beach and in an ocean, my heart is on fire.

I am in this team as I found here my family. We support each other believing that only together we can create change.

First retreat with Estera in February 2015, joined Team in October 2015.