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The unknown was the domain of mystics for millennia. Though now the time came when we as individuals and human collective are invited to make friends with it. Maybe even we have been or will be pushed to our knees to humble ourselves in front of this big mystery. Nothing works as it used to. We do not have answers to new times and more questions have been appearing. Challenges are bigger that we can presently handle in areas of environment, health, relationships, intimacy, parenting, job careers and others. New generations do not buy easy answers from us. High suicide rate among youngsters in rich countries is something that we need to attend and contemplate upon. 

Do we have any other choice than to investigate the unknown? Or to be at least curious? Is there another way rather than trying to fix old mechanisms of resolving problems that has been failing us so far? 

We are on the edge of natural catastrophe, animal and plant distinction, hundreds of wars perpetuating our planet. In this moment when you are reading this article, people and animals suffer immensely. Yes, it is overwhelming. Thus, it could seem that the only choice left is to detach from the collective pain and focus on our personal life narrative. And yet, even there we stand in front of personal choices that are difficult to neglect.  

How to navigate this new territory that unexpectedly we are thrown into? 

My intention for this article is to share personal experiences and gathered wisdom in order that we could open with curiosity to the unknown, seeing immense opportunity in what has been happening, instead of thread. My heart wish is to light a spark of hope and love in dark night of the soul in a collective journey. You are not alone. We all together need to learn how to create and live from the unknown. And yes, it may feel scary in the beginning.  

Let’s start with some background.  


My invitation is to change a perspective and see patriarchy broader as a system of control, oppression and ownership raised from the fear of the unknown, rather than a gender war. Following this thought line, it is an expression of unhealthy, immature masculine energy and frozen, wounded, disempowered feminine in each one of us. Our masculine tries to control and desperately mange reality as it has no clue about deeper forces that are in play. It is terrified of everything that is wild, undomesticated and free – the feminine essence. Our ego tries and fails to tame or stop life forces that are much bigger than itself. Ego is understood here as a system of identity based on past experiences and beliefs, future hopes and desires. Immature ego structure is past related and future oriented. The problem is not ego itself but our attachment to it. We are losing freedom while trying to prove our separate existence and stand up to our imaginary image. This holding creates suffering. We can move on from this point by finding a way to the unknown by taking refuge in it.  

Is it safe though?


First step is to confront our ability to trust. Unfortunately, through our human history we have developed profound distrust to each other, governments, authorities, religions, body and invisible world. We went so far that we have limited our capacity of feeling and empathy. Body started to be an enemy, slave or in best case scenario, a useful tool for carrying our concepts into life and allowing intellectual mind to take over. It is reflected in how we treat body of Earth. Instead of gratitude and carrying of it as a living being like our mother, we exploit its resources for own satisfaction out of hunger and disability to receive its infinite love to us.   

Our birth procedures are inhuman. This is a first moment of anchoring distrust in us. We cannot trust world and people that treat us with such luck of sensitivity due to own sensual detachment. Our journey of survival starts with our birth. How we can learn to celebrate life while being measured and vaccinated is more important than mother’s touch? 

It is hard to believe that we went so far.  

The most tragic is that we feel this kind of body detachment and desensitization as normal and acceptable. Though nature is giving us a wake-up call with wild fires, floods, hurricanes, volcano eruptions. It is a loving and yet strong voice to us humans. Can we read it? Can be hear it as such? How can we respond to it instead of reacting with fear? 

Heal your past 

We need to heal our past first, to be really able to cope with the unknown. Each one of us stores collective and personal traumas. Our body stores the memories of all what happened. Some energies are stuck, creating contractions and finally, if not attended accordingly, illnesses. Body is our home. It is our temple. It is scary to be embodied if we developed copying strategies keeping us away from our homes. It is a big, highly rewarding journey to be embarked in this delightful, wise, living organism. It is up to us and our choices if it is a source of pain and terror or immense pleasure and safety. We are fortunate to live in times when we have access to unbelievable methods to clear our past from our bodies and open up to the potential beyond our present imagination stored there. When we healed the fundament, it is much easier to do the next step.


Are we willing to accept what it is as it is, without wanting to fix it? It seems paradoxical. Then why should we do anything, taking care of planet, take conscious actions, heal a body? We do it in order to see that reality is already perfect. All what we need is to remove the veils from our perception. It takes some conscious work with body and mind to come to the place of dropping into perfectness of existence itself. We are on the way. Before we reach this place, in mystic tradition called the Great Perfection, how can we make our life journey easier? When we still struggle with afflicting emotions, stress, anxiety, confusion and fears, how to approach acceptance? We need to find our own door to it. Some people have more devotional nature and spirituality holds the keys. Some of us need to understand to trust and surrender, then developing consciousness and quantum physics can be of use. For some of us human connection and bond is crucial, then community around while moving through challenging moments offer this comfort holding. We need to find our own way and also learn to take small steps, one at a time. It brings us to the next threshold. 



This is so big component in developing our relationship with the unknown. Patience and practice. It is ok to have doubts. It is ok to give up. Everything is constantly moving and changing. The only certain thing is change. Can we see it? If everything is constantly changing, we can relax. Even if we feel stuck, it will change one day. Let’s think about baby in a womb who can feel stuck not knowing that the birth will ever come, right? And it will come. Always. In a right moment. Patience gives us spaciousness. That is the essence of the unknown itself. But then should we just do nothing? 


How to take and when to take right action? If everything is changing, maybe we should just lean back and observe? I would like to propose different perspective to sit with for a while. What if it is the change itself that moves us and we are the expression of evolution of consciousness? What was first, chicken or egg? Maybe it all coexist and is interdependent, impossible to be separated. Yes, we do need to take actions. And we need to learn how to be the expression of bigger forces, how to surrender to them. It is called in the East, wu wei. The principle of universe, the understanding of impulses coming to life and manifesting into the space effortlessly without ego will.  

How to know when is the right time to take action or to just be? 



Deep listening allows us to uncover already existing but hidden structures in a matrix of the universe. We do not need to reinvent a wheel. Though it demands to drop a need of self-importance and attachment to form and final effect. What will be revealed is pure magic beyond our capacity of inventing new. It diminishes any tention as there is no gap between a creator and creation itself. It invites joy and celebration as there is nothing to worry about. It makes everyone happy around including us. It opens a space of beauty, grace and magic. How to step into it? 



We need to learn to be present to be able to listen deeply. It is a state of being, there is no doer anymore. And it can be a big challenge as we are the society of doers. We are defined by what we have achieved. Though, befriending with wisdom coming from ancient East of just to be, can be a new discovery for us as a human collective.  


As a practitioner and lover of the unknown, I would like to encourage us to go for this adventure. It will leave us in awe and with deeply cracked open heart. 

Let we all be healthy and happy  

Estera Saraswati 

30 September 2018,  

written in the sky over Poland and Sweden on the way from Leadership Festival  




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