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Wisdom of Innocence

Empowerment retreat for men and women

Facilitated by Estera Saraswati with Team

Reclaim ancient wisdom of Lemuria: power of vulnerability and innocence, art of healing, high vibrational sexuality

This retreat is an invitation to reconnect with the subtle, vulnerable self and a higher state of sexuality that is pure joy, vibrant like a hummingbird, innocent as a maiden and wise, knowing that only the naked heart can feel pure love.

If you feel to give this quality more place in your life, letting it become your medicine, join our retreat. We will be transforming challenges into resources, polishing our gifts and finding better ways to express them supported by community in order to bring more joy, abundance and gratitude to our planet.

Lost innocence, lost civilisation

When we think about innocence we don’t connect it with wisdom. First associations usually are children, vulnerability and lack of protection. For many it seems sweet but weak, definitely not a powerful and desired state of being for adults. This is the very reason of our coming extinction as a species. We have lost the power and understanding of the true nature of innocence. We need to regain it urgently if we want our planet to flourish again and us alongside. 

The Wisdom of Innocence retreat is aimed at reclaiming our innocent, graceful, wise nature presently locked and dormant in our divine souls and body temples. It is also to empower innocence in order to make it possible to influence our lives and change the world, so that we can finally feel at home here and be the gardeners and guardians of this Earth. 

Most of us function in survival mode. We have designed our life to earn, eat, own, acquire new gadgets and partners. We measure life’s success by our own achievements that are goal oriented. We believe that to have the right of existence, we need to prove our own value and be of use. We need to be constantly busy and active. We believe that just being is not worthy enough.  

Thus we can start truly living by reconnecting with our subtle self, that which was disconnected in the early stages of our life. We can start valuing life itself and us being alive. How often are we in awe with what we can see? Can we start dreaming again? Can we allow for life to regain its substantial magical layer? Do we have enough of a zombie life, not dead yet and not fully vibrant?

Wisdom of Innocence

The core of innocence is wisdom. Wisdom that is beyond any concept, dogma or philosophy. Wisdom that opens our hearts widely and reconnects us with all of existence. We feel depressed, anxious, angry, miserable because we have lost connection to the bigger picture. We have stopped dreaming. We have stopped flying on the wings of magic. We have lost the art of manifestation of abundance for all. The reason for that is due to our creation of the ego monster of self obsession. Fulfilling my needs became the most important goal of my life. Me, myself and I. What I like, what I don’t like, what I desire, what I fear. This “I” became the very centre of most of my actions and thoughts. It creates suffering and disconnection from universal energy. It throws me in a huge dark ocean of feeling not worthy, unloveable and never not good enough. My past experiences along with beliefs and perception of reality resulted in a lack of trust and fear of being naked, transparent, honest and taking another risk of feeling pain. 

However, we come to realise that there is no other way to opening the heart than through acceptance of pain that can then transform into silent, all-embracing joy.

In awe of life and creation

It is so visible how we have lost our ability to be in awe of the simplicity of life by looking at our eating and shopping patterns. Either we neglect food nourishment and treat our bodies as trash or we are excessive in putting so much attention to it. We are hungry, constantly hungry and becoming obsessed. But not hungry for food. We over eat and make food a central part of life or totally abandon it, because we are hungry for high vibrational sex, love, community, a higher purpose of life and because our bodies are vibrating on the lower frequencies of the pain body.

Lost power of protection. It is our children and our planet!

Why have we lost innocence? Because we have lost the power of protection. We forgot the wise energy that can say stop, be mindful and alert, all-embracing and able to be fast acting straight from the loving heart. Most parents have been failing in this task. It created, therefore, big wounds of being treated unfair, unprotected and misunderstood. In fact, we have all failed to protect innocence as we believed that children can be privatised. A child does not belong to a parent as land does not belong to people. They are our children. It is our land. They are our people. It is our planet! If I see someone abusing innocence, my duty and heart scream to react now. 

Protection and actions need to be wise. Protection is not the wall between Israel and Palestine but the transparent membrane around the baby in a womb. It is flexible, breathable, yet strong. It communicates in both directions and creates safety for the smallest and most delicate parts of us to grow inside without interference, and to be born effortlessly when the time is right, without being pushed out violently. Nature knows its right timing, just as we know it inside. We have an inner clock ticking that gives us impulses to take action or not. We just need to follow our intuition and trust it!

Using innocence, misusing beauty

As we don’t surrender and are not humble enough to the innocence of beauty, we use it like we use children on this planet. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” as mystic poet Rumi said. We can’t grab it and objectify it. It is everywhere, in the very core of existence itself. This cosmic current making everything alive is beauty and grace. How is it possible? How has existence put everything in motion and cycles? How often during the day do we make a pause to contemplate that? 

If what is the so called ‘outside world’ is a reflection of the inner reality, how can we understand abuse and misuse? What do I misuse, which gifts? Do I trade with my body, sexuality, or attractiveness to gain what I want? Am I a pimp to my feminine or my inner child? We need radical self honesty if we want to grow and move to the next level of consciousness. Everything needs to be addressed inside first. Do I believe that I can change reality by self inquiry and healing? Am I protecting my feminine enough, my sensitivity, my innocence? Do I stand up for my sexuality, for my desires and also for setting the right boundaries? Do I make myself feel safe or do I trade part of myself to satisfy other ones? How does my inner landscape look? Am I a good parent to myself, enough caring, protecting, challenging in a healthy way, resting, taking care of all the inner family needs? Do I have patience, skills and wisdom of the King and Queen ruling this inner kingdom in peace?  

Reclaiming feminine wisdom

During patriarchal times, masculine spiritual paths have been promoted and flourishing. This brought an important development of consciousness into our collective. It introduced us to our eternal nature that is not moved or shaken by outer circumstances. It gave us access to a stable mind, clarity, presence and expansion of consciousness. It had no place, however, for the wisdom of the feminine, which, crushed and banished, lay dormant for centuries in nature, power places and the cells of our bodies.

The vibrations and memory of ancient feminine traditions is now awakening and being called forth through many of us, both women and men. It was not safe until recently for us to open to its depths, and express it publicly. It is time now to reclaim the full power of feminine spiritual lineages that bring an important missing link to the spiritual paths – embodiment, non-conceptual wisdom, and connection. The time has come to start sharing, spreading and embodying these teachings and wisdom, through awakened senses and embodied expression, integrated with pure presence and conscious action from the heart.

New Earth

New Earth for me is about discovering sacred living in symbiosis with all forms of life. It demands deep feeling. Vulnerability and innocence are the gateway to it, empowered by masculine force of protection within that can wisely act, set up healthy boundaries that serve growth of all life, not only the own separated ego. It demands deep listening, surrendering to not knowing, humbly uncovering life again and the desire to be in connection. It is based in this very body. We can not feel deeply the magnificence of existence if our body is locked and filled with traumas and woundings. It is also essential that our mind is aligned with a higher purpose and order to serve all life, to offer oneself to be available for the mystery. It requires self discipline of planning less, making free space in a calendar, heart and mind. It is a warrior path. As to live and be able to love in present times, we need to be warriors. Courageous to open the heart again and again after being hurt, trusting again, not giving up, falling and standing up, trusting in human kindness and goodness of everything even when it is so dark around and light can not go through. We are the warriors in discovery of a gentle power, learning to act and protect the innocence and stand up for the sacred. 

Ancient wisdom of Lemuria lost civilisation

Lemurian energy operates on high vibrational sounds and energies that create a vessel for the space of love. This love is free and spacious. Its nature is ecstatic, its fire flies on the air waves. Sometimes its impact is not so visible with the first glance, though surroundings gradually get calmer, more peaceful and sweet.

The challenge for holding this medicine can be to stay grounded as it can easily spin up and space out or be too active. Daily life with its duties and responsibilities can also be too dull and harsh for this part of us, sometimes even unbearable. Normal sexual connections can be too heavy and we may feel inadequate as lovers. Thus it may be difficult to find a right partner to match this sublime sensual energy.

Its essence is passionately expressing through singing, chanting, whirling, dancing, love-making, creating art, music, poetry. It is like transparent veils of delicate colours covering a naked body.

We can discover this energy in the upper part of the heart, very gentle and tender, maybe timid and shy. In order for it to come out and shine with its stunning beauty, it needs silence, respect, space, curiosity and protection. It brings the high art of healing with sound, touch and energy. It is round, delicate, yet pervasive like fog. Nothing can stop it. It even crashes through the hard rock of closed hearts with its patience, innocence, gentle smile and loving kindness. When it is mature, it is splendid, royal, yet simple, like moving wheat in the wind that is caressed by sun rays. Innocence that deeply nourishes. It brings the magic of the everyday moment, coming back to simplicity and gratitude for life in a natural way without expectations. A naked, honest, powerful heart that is not afraid to love and express this love. Everything is impermanent and ephemeral, especially the closest connections and people around us. How often do we show them how much we are grateful for them in our life and how much we love them? By realising it, we become a fountain of generosity of loving kindness. Let’s make people know that we love them, that we care for them. How can I enrich their lives? Not because I want to deserve their love or want anything back or feel good, but being like a river that flows or a flower that gives its fragrance or the sun that shines on everyone equally. Oh, I would love to realise this wisdom much more. It is so easy to forget and be exclusive, moving with my own preferences. 

Look at a land that is so generous. Look at a tree full of apples. Look at bees hovering around flowers. Look at a flowing water in a lake or leaves moved by the wind. Is there anything more to life than just simply acknowledging the majesty of such moments? How can we open to it more? How can we bring this openness to challenging parts of life when we lose awareness, driven by pain, reproducing the past instead of being fresh to the present moment? It gives us an access to acceptance of change, any change.

High vibrational sexuality

We live in dark ages of distorted energies and closed hearts, full of unresolved past experiences and reliving personal woundings. Accessing high vibrational sexuality that is a union of body, mind and heart, gives us an access to a different level of existence, beyond the known, into magic and compassion. It doesn’t disconnect us from the matter, flesh and bone, or daily living. Quite the opposite. It allows us to bring joy and love to heaviness and density. Though we need to reach out within us and stop identifying with our own pain body that created our ego. It is a most difficult challenge. It is stepping into a spiritual path of diligence, discipline, integration, and wisdom. It is easy to be stuck in a daily routine of a family life or career and forget what life is about, to lose touch with its magic and beauty. This current that brings bodies alive, that we call sexual energy, brings us closer to our core. We can discover what is beyond if we trust enough and are brave enough to surrender to this very force of life running in our veins and vibrating each cell of this animalistic divine body. Then we are like an overflowing fountain to share ourselves with the world. We start to care and express gratitude effortlessly. 

Who is this retreat suitable for?

We will go together through deep and intense journey of identifying, claiming and polishing our gifts to the world. Community will be our container, giving birth to us. Connecting with ancient tradition will support us in self-empowering process of finding our true expression. We will be given opportunity to be recognised, acknowledged and seen as we are, in our vulnerability and power. There will be a lot of inspiring learning, daring exploration and curious playfulness in this powerful laboratory of a sacred temple.

  • healing and cleansing
  • embodiment
  • learning
  • connection
  • celebrating

It is for men and women of any sex orientation or age who deeply care about our common future and want to embody the Wisdom and Power of Innocence. For ones who:

  • have already done enough healing, body de-armouring, sexual healing and embodied spiritual work and are ready for the next step
  • are already on the path of self growth and spiritual development
  • have good connection with their own sexual energy
  • have healthy ego structure and the ability to set up and communicate their own boundaries
  • have healed major traumas allowing them to feel pleasure in the body
  • have an access to inner mature masculine
  • are free of mental illnesses
  • do not have severe addictions

Predominant aims of the retreat process are to deepen a process of self-discovery as a human being, awakening and integrating different parts of oneself on many levels.

Authenticity, transparency, safety, trust, mutual support are core values in this retreat.

It is an advanced Tantra (awakening) retreat. After reading a completed registration form and sometimes having an additional short call, we can suggest a more adequate retreat or an individual session first. We also reserve the right to refuse admission based on our best knowledge of the content of this retreat for the sake of the participant and the group.

Please make yourself familiar with the initial participation requirements, and after a fair self-assessment please decide whether it is the right retreat for you. If you have any doubts, we are here to help.

Everyone is responsible for the nature of their own experience and journey. We support everyone to follow their own process gradually without group pressure or expectations.

There can be nudity and intimate contact, energetic or physical, with oneself or others based on individual boundaries stated in the moment and personal choices made by participants.

After completing and sending the application form for the retreat, next steps of the registration process, like the agreement of participation, terms and dates of payments, will be sent by email.

What might happen during this retreat?

The process will be designed to a particular group of individuals which will show up. Modern embodied practices include all levels of body-heart-mind-spirit experiences coming from an understanding of wisdom of buddhist Tantra that aims to connect with already our awakened nature within. Fully owning sexual energy, bringing it into the core, emboding the masculine and feminine as well as establishing a stable, peaceful mind and opening a powerful, vulnerable space of heart. This will be the fundament for all practices.

  • vision quests
  • sitting meditation
  • temple arts including intimate touch, self or others, depending on personal boundaries
  • rituals, initiations and pujas
  • ecstatic and healing movement
  • voice work
  • insight and truth seeking
  • healing circles of radical honesty and compassion
  • inspirational teachings
  • intimate sharings
  • celebration in community
  • temple
  • power walks
  • vision quests
  • ceremonies
  • pujas
  • dance, chanting, singing, drumming

Organisation details

Place: USA Hawaii, Big Island

Price for retreat: Early bird 1000 euro (deposit paid until 30 November 2019), Normal price: 1200 euro. Price includes accommodation and vegan food

Language: English

Registration via the registration form (in the Detail box on this page). After registration and acceptance of participation, further registration steps will be sent (participation agreement, deposit payment, refund policy etc.)

Registration is closed two weeks before the start of the retreat or when we run out of free spaces.

All details are available with the organiser (contact in the detail box on this page)

Welcome everyone into this joined adventure. It feels thrilling and exciting to be part of building a new imprint for the New Earth. We can do it! Together