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Temple of Love

A week long immersion into sacred sexuality and healing of love and intimacy

Facilitated by Estera Saraswati with Team


We are inviting all seekers of sacred living and true inimacy to join this unique offering.  It can be more than a retreat, a blueprint of New Earth vibration where life is sacred, body is a temple and community is a holy vessel for individual self-expression and celebrating stepping into authentic self.

It is a conscious process aimed to focus on new openings rather than processing traumas. There will be healthy balance between healing, rest and activation. Often healing will be a by-product of this journey that is about allowing old believes to melt and create new experiences around sexuality, intimacy and spirituality, entering a new reality of vibrant tribe and deep heart intimacy.

Time of consuming next experiences seems to decay. We need more of initiations that give a blueprint into body, nervous system of new possible reality that we can start living from different place within. We also need a community vessel to be held to open up to own’s beauty and potential. This precious vessel is a group of people that is committed to bigger aim than merely self-growth, supporting each other in expansion into freedom, power and love space. Such net of interconnected hearts, minds and bodies can be strong, reliable pillars in the Temple of Love where all seekers are warmly invited. We have been building a tribe dedicated to the path of liberation and freedom, a circle of lovers of life, seekers of ways and means to manifest active compassion. We can create together a life changing experience of sacred living that our soul, body and heart will deeply remember as a new anchor and point of reference, especially during dark hours.

About this immersion

It is a unique blend of Temple arts, traditional Tantric wisdom, tantric intimacy and community building process that can create a crack in your mind, open your body to bliss and your heart to deep intimacy with yourself and all beings. The light of consciusness can pure through and you can come back home to create your reality with different awareness.

This experience that is an initiation into sacred living is based on a belief that sexual energy is creative, most powerful life force in the universe and in essence is sacred. It creates deep bonds between people as well as with Gaya. It can provide some recognition of our human though divine nature. It is also a way of sacred communication that brings connection to a diffrent level.

Sacred living refers to non-violence and recognition of interconnectedness of all forms of existence as one web of life maintained by the same divine “substance”, named diffrently in various traditions. This basic substance is love and compassion. Compassion is something much greater than just empathy. It is based on non-conceptual wisdom and clear insight into reality free from personal believes and baggage from the past. Than understanding can arise aligned with adequate actions. Compassion is the basic of (Tantric) buddhist teachings. This tribe is circled around quest towards embodying compassion and loving kindness as core values.

Non violence can be expressed by loving kindness and softness. We apply it also to sexual healing where we do not push energy but holding space for unfolding and emerging, believing that loving presence with skilful means are enough to activate self-healing powers within everyone. We all know deeply the way back home within us, we just need someone to trust that can accompany us and reflect our light. Though we celebrate each other gifts and humanness. We deeply appreciate sexual energy and it has appropriate space in a temple. Within our core values of New Earth is also transparency, trust and mutual support. Transparency creates trust. When we can be vulnarable with each other and group, something beautiful opens, new pathways are created in our neurological system and our creative power blossom. We learn how to give space and find fulfillment of sexual, sensual and erotic needs and desires in a new, open, celebrative way.

To make space for new possibilities to experience love and intimacy, we need first to make space within our bodies that are the temples but also storage of past experiences. Though we will implement antient knowledge of temple arts from matriarchy times when sexual energy was used as a power of healing. It was  5.000-8.000 years ago when temples were run by women and flowering. Temple priestesses were applying sexual energy to heal, release and cleanse, activate self recovery forces and initiate people into spiritual realm. Temples were in the center of villages, respected by whole community. Sexual energy was recognized and worshiped as most sacred universal force.

We will also learn a new way of intimacy while re-entering temple space. We need to relearn but somewhere we remember what is possible. Four Pillars of Tantra, a profound method created and discovered by Estera Saraswati and Zenon D. Dorje, will create a sacred mandala space within which our temple will be nested. Four Pillars create magical, safe and high vibrational space of expanding consciousness and embodying bliss, allowing love and compassion take center of the temple. Tantric practice in Mandala of Four Pillars offers deep understanding of who we are and how to develop to realise own potential.

All of it, you will have possibility to experience during this special week. You will experience many new insights, moments of  healing, recognition, revelation and bliss. You come back home with all what was seeded to start creating new reality of joy, abundance, freedom, power and bliss.  Your brain will be functoning diffrently through new neurological connections, body will be open and saturated with bliss and heart will remember.

What can happen?

  • sexual healing sessions of Temple Arts to raise up body vibrations and activate your potential – yoni & lingam healing and activation, pinneal gland activation to open third eye, throat activation to open self-expression
  • Tantric intimacy and sacred sexuality – rituals, meditations, contemporary pujas (lingam and yoni celebration) and practices within Four Pillars Mandala and Tantric teachings
  • community building process – relearning trust, safety, being held, appreciated, accepted and recognised with own’s gifts; reowning your place and belonging to a group within yourself, finding balance between individuality and group
  • Love Temple – guided and held in a sacred way, where you can experience diffrent levels of intimacy according to your own need and desires, evenings exploring diffrent textures of sensuality and eroticism that you can choose which is appealing to you and attend the ones of your choice
  • reclaiming sisterhood and brotherhood – healing these important connections among male and female circles. We come from seeing a single being as a wholeness consisting of masculine and feminine essence, no matter the gender. Though having said that, through patriarchy times resentment, woundings and walls have been built between genders and among. It is a respond to this call for healing.

Who is it suitable for?

  • Singles and pairs of all genders and sexual orientations.
  • For people that are willing to see nakedness as divine expression
  • For people that see sexual energy as sacred or are on the way to see it like this
  • For people that did basic healing therapy regarding familly constellation, abuse, trauma and sexuality, free of mental illnesses or strong disorders of personality



  • You decide how much you engage according to your personal boundaries and needs in the moment.
  • There is no group pressure or anything you need or are expected to do. You are supported to follow your ease and comfort during all retreat.
  • Authenticity, transparency, safety, trust, mutual support are core values in holding this retreat.

Prerequisite for this event


  • Ability to communicate your boundaries and taking responsibility for yourself and your needs
  • No big traumas (sexual, mental, emotional)
  • No mental illnesses or disorders (bi-polar disease, borderline, depression, schizophrenia etc)
  • Open, positive attitude towards body and sexuality

Organisational Information

  • Venue: Holand, Land van Lisa
  • Price for retreat:
    • Early bird: 600 euro (deposit paid till 31. December 2018)
    • Normal price: 800 euro
  • Accommodation and vegan food: 350 euro
  • Prepayment (deposit) of 500 EUR is necessary and nonrefundable. You wlll be supplied with necessary details after filling in and submitting the registration form.
  • Language: English
  • Registration here >>